Friday, May 25, 2012

Good Morning Good News !!!! May 25, 2012

We are Vincent D. Cat and adopted sons Opie and Timmy and we are here to make you happy! You are HEROES! You work hard every day and you deserve to smile every day! Those of you working to save us animals hear so very many very sad things. And there’s lots of very glad things too and that’s what we talk about here! All pawsitive all the time! We want our friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!! Be kind and pass it on! Please send us your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!! After all, if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!
Every ting be fine here at Rikki's - grandma been teaching me about paper work ..... I think I no like paper work ... it be icky and boring ...   I rather be writing to you everyday and telling you all bout me and my friends!!!   But grandma says da paperwork has to be done or dar be no Rikki’s. 

Today I am learning about sticky tape. I don't like this sticky tape. I've been trying for almost an hour to get one piece off that stupid roll. It keeps sticking to my fingers. This is gross. I don't see why this has to be part of "paperwork".

She who abuses cat labor laws says I have to learn sticky tape to "fix" paperwork. Well maybe that be good, cus dis paperwork sure seems to keep multiplying. There be paperwork here and paperwork there and even more over there. If it go to speuter clinic and then there be less, that be good, so I work on fixing it.

She who promises to open another can of Fancy Feast when I can learn to get sticky tape off roll without it stuck all over my fingers, says my scratching paperwork to shreds in my frustration is why I have to have sticky tape lesson now. I don't know what I gonna do with all this gunk if I ever can get it off the roll with out my fur stuck all in it. She say that be next lesson.  How many lessons can there be to run da refuge!!  Vincent sure made it all look easy!

I hope my fingers don't get all bald from sticky tape. Do you think this be kittah abuse? Maybe I want a new home. Will you take me? Any my brofur Timmy. And my biological mom Nellie. And my friends Sunset, Mr. Elliot, Velcro .... oh and I can't leave Snickers behind, even if she is a b... (opps she who washes kittah's mouth with soap when they say bad words is right there) .. brown tabby with orange, that making her be a torby, and sometimes a mean kitty, but she's kind of my friend too.

Uh Oh ... too bad I all finish with sticky tape. No more on roll !!!!! I go tell grandma ........

Oh, this not be good. She say store that trade green stuff for cat food will trade for sticky tape too and my saved up green stuff for cat food has to go to buy more sticky tape cuz I got my fur all stuck in it! Oh this so no fair !!!!   What you think???

Oh my!!
Did you know that there's a hospital for tractors?
Our tractor had to get "fixed" and was in the hospital for a week. A whole week. I don't know why Grandmom wanted to fix tractor? She always saying we need more than one tractor to do all the work here, so why she don't want it to have baby tractors? If they don't got no tractors at the pound we can take home, then it be ok to have baby tractors, no? I don't get it.

And now she who thinks kitties can do everything walk in and throw this bill on my desk, $662 for tractor to be fixed, and she say, Hey ya Opie, here's something for you to take care of.  Can you get that taken care of while I’m off spending your cat food money on sticky tape?

That's more expensive than the speuter clinic. And what's I spposed to do to "take care of it"?

Can you help me maybe? 
And you can get double your value.  I learned about double your value from my dad Vincent!!  He always gotted the biggest bang for his buck!!! 

SO here’s a deal you can’t resist !!!!!

Did I say that right?  You can VOTE for ME in Cats vs Dogs AND I can pay the tractor get fix bill!!  How’s that sound?  Can you help me?

What?  Oh KiKi says I always have to do fair representation.  So I have to give you the choice to VOTE for DUKE, and he said if you do he’ll help and use that money to fix tractor too.  He be nice doggie.

Thank you, it’d be so cool if tractor be all paid for fixing a for grandma get home with more sticky tape.  Maybe then she let me have some time off and not make be work so hard in this office!!! 

Thank you for helping me to prove I am a good hard working kittah !!!!

Tell dat Vista to come down here
and help me wif dis paperwork!!!!

Now, are you ready for some Good News?

YOU voted for Rikki’s Refuge in the Shelter Challenge AND you got the mostest votes for Rikki’s, more than any other shelter on the whole big planet for the whole week.  So we win a prize for the week.  

YOU won the week !!!!!!   Yippee YOU are my HERO !!!!!

But don’t stop voting now!!!!    Do it, vote now, and then I tell you great big cool secret!!  OK??


Did you vote??  Ok, thank you!!!  

Now if you keep voting real hard, just like you did all week so we won a week .....  we can move to number 3 on the planet and that will win us THREE TIMES as much money to buy nums!!!

Isn’t that cool???  Swill you keep voting real hard every day?  And tell everybody you know to VOTE VOTE VOTE !!!!

Thank you!!!  Purrrzzzzzz

And MORE Good News
Our World’s Best Kitty Litter that YOU won for us will be arriving on June 6th. Almost 5,000 pounds of the World’s Best Kitty Litter.  We won a pound for every vote.  You see YOUR votes are so important!!!!  

June 6th, that’s the same day to vote for me in Toyota's 100 Cars for Good contest!!!

On June 6th, from 10 am to one minute before midnight, eastern USA time, you can vote for Rikki’s Refuge to win a brand new Toyota!!!   Please help us.  You HAVE to vote thru facebook - so even if you’ve never looked at facebook - it’s worth setting up an account for the day !!!! 

Sign up now to get a reminder on the 6th - only 14 hours to vote so we all gotta remember.  YOUR vote on June 6th will help Rikki's Refuge win a new vehicle for the animals.

I’ve got my reminder coming - do YOU?

Go to
then click on REMIND ME under the BIG ORANGE DOG
to get a reminder on June 6th to
vote for Rikki's Refuge in
Toyota's 100 Cars for Good contest.

Did you see the Spectacular Autograph Quilt?
Got your raffle tickets????    HURRY !!!!!!
Click for more info!

Dawgs writing Pawetry ???
Hey!!!! Check out Horace the poetry writing dawgie !!!!! He writes to help support animals!!!! His next royalty check is coming to Rikki's Refuge!!! Check out his books !!!! This is one cool Dawgie, if I do say so my kitty self!!

Memorial Day Tour
May 28th, at noon, one tour only.  Gates open at 11:30 and will be relocked at 12:15 so please be prompt.  Be prepared for a two+ hour tour, all outside, so dress for the weather.  Don’t forget sunscreen, hats and water. 

And remember to dress for the animals!! 

NO bare legs - please wear long pants to avoid scratches. 
Pigs and goats have rough course hair and bristles and will rub on you and scratch bare legs.

NO bare toes - wear closed shoes or boots. 
Hooves will squish bare toes!!!!  

NO earrings or jewelry - come as you are, no dress up! 
Emus reach out for and grab shiny objects and can be damaged by eating your earrings - and it might hurt your ears too!  

Remember ....  it’s wild out here ......

Please call 540-854-0870 x3 in the morning before heading out to Rikki’s on May 28th - if there’s been rain - the tour may be cancelled due to muddy roads!!  Weather patterns vary and can be quite different here than where you are starting out from.

Lots of love,
     Opie !!

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