Thursday, August 05, 2010

Good Morning Good News!

Good Morning Good News!
Happy Cat Dance! Happy Cat Dance! Thanks to YOU my wonderful friends Rikki's Refuge is the Weekly Winner for Week 11! Oh boy just think of how many cans of Fancy Feast I can get with the winnings! But I still want to WIN BIGGER so I need you to vote, vote, vote!   Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA
Oh look!  I'm a cow today!!!  MOOOOO!!!

This weekend, Sunday August 8, is a special car wash at Culpeper Vet to benefit Rikki's Refuge. Oooh – looks like Valerie needs to go there! It's from 12-5, so if you have a dirty car, bring it by and Clean It For The Critters! If your car is clean, bring it by and Rinse It For Rikki's!
Lena says hi to everyone, and if you have a chance we need bleach, laundry soap, dish detergent, paper towels, trash bags and of course LOTS of Fancy Feast for me!!! So grab a bottle or roll and bring it by the Car Wash!
Bev sends this nice story:
Hello Everyone,
As I was tending to the animals this morning prior to getting ready for work I spotted a deer.  Well, actually, the dogs spotted the deer.  I see quite a few deer in my area and on our family property, but this one was different.  As the dogs and I looked in the direction of the deer, the deer stood there looking at us.  Such a beautiful animal.  I wish I had a picture to attach, but couldn't get to the camera.  I'll call her a "she".  She was approximately 20-30 feet from me eating leaves from a tree.  She gradually moved to the grape vines, stood still, looked at me for a few seconds... I said "you can eat my grapes"... she turned back and started eating from the vine.  She looked back at me a few times while feasting from the grapevine.  She looked at me once more and trotted off happily towards the woods.  The dogs were so quiet after I stood still and told the deer she could eat the grapes.  They stayed quiet for awhile after our unexpected visitor left.  Such a nice way to start a day.  Guess we all were happy she stopped by.  By the way, I don't know if she ate the grapes or the leaves or both.  Whatever she feasted on made her happy.  
Have a great day!
Bev :) 

Thanks Bev! And THANK YOU all my friends! Love, Vincent