Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving


Good Morning !!!

It a beautiful Thanksgiving Day .... so what are YOU thankful for?

I'm thankful first for Rikki's Refuge, cus in the outside world, folks like me getz labeled defective and unworthy of living on this beautiful planet ....

but at Rikki's Refuge it's different ... we get labeled family, and we are loved and fed and cared for ... and that's a lot to be thankful for.

I'm thankful second for YOU, all the YOUs out there that make Rikki's possible, without YOU, there could be no safe and happy place for me and Duke and all of us to live, so that means we'd be ... I don't want to think about that.

I want to THANK YOU for your kindness and generosity, your donations, your gifts, your time. YOU ARE MY FAMILY and I LOVE YOU !!! Oh and I thank you for your votes too !!!

and then Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Day 


.... VOTE .... ... it's REALLY important ... we're number four on the PLANET ..... if we keep that up two more weeks .... we'll win a weekly prize .... and it's $2,000 .... so come on .... we've added so many hungry mouths the last few weeks -- animals that came from terrible situations and would have died without us .... ducks, cats, pigs and even a parakeet .... and they ALL want to eat !!!!! SHARE the voting link and beg everyone you know to vote for Rikkis Refuge !!! Thank you ....

Good Morning from Chicken City

ThanksLiving Feast and Gathering

We had a wonderful time with wonderful guests and wonderful food !!!   If you missed out this year, be sure you sign up for next year !!!

Me and Tomasina talked lots at ThanksLiving .... I offered her fancy feast and she offered me grapes and berries ..... we decided to eat our own nums and not share ....

At Rikki's Refuge, our turkeys are honored guests at our ThanksLiving celebration.

Wally had a place at the table for ThanksLiving Dinner ..... I stayed on the floor and ate my fancy feast ....  he’s going be real surprised when he’s served vegan nums !

Chicken Little came for ThanksLiving .... she loves to be held like a baby and have her tummy stroked.

Dillon waiting for his nums at ThanksLiving !!!

Sylvestra: There’s got to be a way to open this cooler .....  


Thanks to an awesome donor all donations from 6 pm Thanksgiving evening, Thursday, November 26, 2015 thru midnight Friday, November 27, 2015 are 20% off

Just click and if you choose $20 and our donor will add $5 so Rikki’s Animals will have $25 to spend on food and necessities !!!   Donate $80, the secret donor tosses in $20, and the Animals get $100 !!

It’s the BEST DEAL YOU CAN FIND FOR BLACK FRIDAY !!!!   Much better than making some merchant rich and dragging all kinds of junk you don’t need home to your already over full house !!!    WIN WIN put your money where your HEART is and WATCH IT GROW !!!

Srsly ....  I don’t want no hat from no Black Friday Sale .....   I want da NUMS !!!!!   
just a little clickin will make me mighty happy !!

Three little piggies .... I'm kind a worried bout having them in the house .... I know they need to be warm cuz they have no mama to keep them cuddled up and warm in the barn .... but what if they huff and they puff and they blow the house down?

Here's me first meeting the little piggies who arrived during our ThanksLiving feast ... just in time for nums!! 

It was a very sad story and an emergency.  The people were going to kill their mamma and daddy to eat on Thanksgiving (how do you call that THANKS giving, it sounds more like SAD giving to me).... and the little piggies would have no place to go, no one to keep them warm, no one to feed them, no one to care if they lived or died. 

It was an emergency call and no time to build them a home or get ready for them ....  so we welcomed them at the Life Center and I think everyone celebrating ThanksLiving with us were so happy to see them .... but so sad to see them so scared and alone. 

They bunched up together for protection and would scream if you tried to pick them up.  After what they’d just seen happen to their mom and dad ... no wonder the terror they felt. 

Chicken Little came to visit them.

They are too young to eat on their own yet.  They’d just been nursing their mom.  Now they’re drinking piggy replacer milk ....  and LOTS of it ... gee they’re little pigs !!!!   They’re drinking $16.99 of mile every 2 ½ days !!!!

Thank YOU for being there for these guys and helping us to have the milk to feed the.  if you can spare $16.99


Bearded dragon (approx 4-5 yo) and a Red-tailed Boa (approx 9-10yo) In Rixieville, VIRGINIA, USA need homes ASAP. Dundee, the lizard is a little shy, but has not tried to bite anyone. Hister, the snake, is docile and will eat the frozen food. --- if you'd like to give them a good home, please contact us and we'll put you in touch with the current owner. Please SHARE and help these guys get homes. Rikki's Refuge is no currently equipped to house reptiles.


It’s getting cold ... and that means our drafty old buildings are getting cold too.  There’s a few things we’re in URGENT NEED of now with the cold setting in. 

Click the picture or here to see what we need so desperately.  This is my store and my WISH LIST !!

I stock the supplies we need so you can easily find them and send them on the way to us !!!   I try to find the best prices (incl S&H w/ Amazon Prime) so you can save your money too!

Do all your AMAZON SHOPPING thru my store ...   just click the Amazon logo (top left) on any page of my store to go to Amazon and shop for anything you want !!!   Every time you do, AMAZON MAKES A DONATION to us WITHOUT costing you anything!

WIN WIN - ALWAYS shop Amazon thru MY store


That’s what you’ll find most of us doing ... soon as the sun if up full ...  we all head for sunny spots to chew our cud .....

Except the hooamns ... they’ve already been here for hours and one of the early morning tasks is breaking up the ice in the drinking troughs.  It’s a big job.  You’ve seen those giant ice breaker ships, right?    Well we don’t do it that way !! 

This is how we do it.
And at this time of year we're already getting thick ice on the water troughs over night. ..... we are in DIRE need of at least 4 more of these. If you can pick one up and bring it out, or leave it at Re-Tail or mail it to us at:

Rikki's Refuge
Jessy Wayland
Chief Ice Breaker
10910 Barr Ln
Rapidan VA 22733

We'd greatly appreciate it .... it would be so much easier and quicker if we had one at each farm station. Then everyone could get out and get it done. Right now we only have one so that means one person has to run all over busting up ice. And that person is usually Jessy.  This is the tool that works the quickest and easiest and has lasted year after year. Thank you.

The best deal is at Home Depot right here

ROCKFORGE  $29.97 home depot
Model # GXP-440FGH  Internet # 202531235 Store SKU # 520109

By the time the sun is good up, the ice is all gone and the water troughs filled with nice fresh water, Jessy take a second to relax with a friend.

If you haven’t visited our Thrift Shop in Fredericksburg yet ... you don’t know what you’re missing !  It’s HUGE -  8,800 square feet - it’s light - it’s bright - it’s clean - it’s nice ....   We stock Rikki’s Wear and Magnets and lots of fun logo stuff, lots of new items, lots of antiques, cool vintage things, and gently used clothing, furniture, art work and household items.  We have 16 kabillion 7 zillion items ... so you can find just what you’re looking for at just the right price.  SO MANY THINGS FOR WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS GIFTS !!!

Once you see this on YOUR car, you’ll stop complaining about parking at the Life Center and walking into Rikki’s Refuge !!!!

This time of year, animals like to get in, on and under your vehicle.  Never start up a vehicle without smacking on the hood to chase out the animals who may have crawled up inside to keep warm.  Don’t leave the windows down when you’re visiting cus somebody’s animal may jump and go home with you.  Always look under the vehicle, check the top of the tired in the wheel wells, and look behind every tire.  It’s real easy for a small kitty or doggy to hide and be killed when you start the vehicle or begin to move.  Always keep good flashlight so you can check well underneath. 

Kneeling down in the snow and sleet is so much kinder than jumping in in a hurry and hurting or killing someone. 


HURRY HURRY must have your orders in by November 30 end of day ...

Rikki's Refuge POPCORN ....

40% of the sales price goes to support the animals of Rikki’s Refuge !!!

SIXTY SIX Flavors to pick from .... SOMETHING IS PURRFECT FOR YOU ... Sweet ... Salty ... Fruity .... Spicy .... Chocolately ... Cheesy ... Kettle Corn ..... Nutty .... even Catnip Coconut Curry .... Check it out !!!!

Great nummy snacks for you and GREAT FOR THAT SPECIAL GIFT FOR THE HOLIDAYS .... prices and sizes for every budget!

This fundraiser runs from November 9 to November 30 and all orders will be shipped and received no later than the second week of December. Nom Nom = Yum Yum.


Duke and Taco, best friends, taking a nap after a hard day’s work !!

Mr. Mister still doing farm rounds at almost 22 years old !!  He can no longer keep up for the full rounds, so has acquisition a vehicle with a nice wide sunny dash and a good safe driver.  He just loves checking on all his friends in all the neighborhoods of Rikki’s Refuge every morning.


Thank you for being there for us !!  YOU have made our very lives possible thru your kind and generous donations !!!! 

Don’t forget that 20% off donations !!
Rikki’s Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960