Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! April 22, 2013

Greetings from Lake Michigan !!!  Can you see me, Vincent, sitting there on this great big sign!!!  I’m visiting my friend Deb Forrest and she’s taking me around to all the sights.  Rainbow Bridge is a great place, sunshiny all the time.  Though I like to spend time on my favorite planet, visiting my favorite friends !!! 

Earth Day --- what a purrfect day to reflect on how wonderful it is to be here together!  Look at the sun shine, the flowers blossom, the leave turn green.  No matter what hoomans can do to try and mess things up and make us unhappy ... our Earth, our very own Earth, is always here to give us beauty and joy.  If you’re feeling down ... take a walk with nature .. it can’t help but make you happy and hopeful!

Let’s start off with something important -- only a week left in the Shelter Challenge Contest --- VOTE !!!

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It's real easy .... click on Vincent above or go here
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Contest ends April 28th -- we need your daily votes !!  

Happy Birthday EARTH
 -- my FAVORITE planet ever !!!! Do something nice for our Earth today ... pick up some trash, plant a tree, feed the wildlife, go outside and look around and really see this wonderful planet we're allowed to live on, the sky, the trees, the rivers, the oceans, take a look around and be thankful for this wonderful planet and all year long help me keep it clean and healthy.
Working together to make the world, the planet, the earth a better place is something we’ve been doing together for years.  We work to help the animals, we work to help the people.  And let’s never forget to work to help our Earth!! 

Recycling is one way to help.  And you can feed two cats with one bowl (cuz you know, at a no kill sanctuary we don’t use that saying about birds) by recycling.   Here’s how you can recycle for Rikki’s 

And no matter where you are, you can recycle and help your favorite animal rescue.  Yes you can !!!!    Well if you live in Antarctica I don’t know if they have recycling places, but in the USA they sure do and I bet in lots of other places too!!  

And this is what you can do.  Collect your own recycling, metal especially, but glass and paper and cardboard .... take it to the recyclers.  Now that’s one good thing right there.  Good for our planet.  Take the money you’re paid for turning in your recycling and donate it to Rikki’s, or your home town shelter!!  See !!!  Now you’re fed two cats from one bowl!!!!   How cool is that!!

If you live where you can do it, this is an idea I’ve seen lots of folks doing.  Set a trailer out near the road -- obviously this doesn’t work for my city mice friends -- and put a sign up FREE METAL DUMP.  Your neighbors who don’t want to travel all the way to the recyclers will load up old junk, appliances that don’t work and the like.  When it’s full, hitch up and haul it to the recycler -- you’ll make more for your efforts AND you can donate that !!!! 

What Does Rikki’s Do for the Earth?
That’s a good question!  And the answer is LOTS!!  Rikki’s is now 450 acres big ... and 350 of that is woods and wetlands and shall be preserved forever.  Yes, that’s really an itty bitty part of the planet.  But it’s a great big home for tens of thousands of wildlife to live in peace.  Natural space, natural fauna, natural wildlife is getting scarcer and scarcer on our planet, all we can preserve, we should.

We’ve had some experts out lately studying the diversity of species in the woods here at Rikki’s.  They’ve found that we have a very nice healthy bear population!!!  Is that cool??  And do these bear bother us?  No way!!  With 350 acres, they’ve got lots of room to roam.  LOTS .... and so they are happy. 

Wildlife  usually does their own thing in their own place ... unless they are displaced by da hoomans, then they gotz no place to go but your trash for nums ....  and how can you blame them for that!

In addition to lots of bear evidence ... our experts have found and are very intrigued by evidence of a much larger critter lurking in the woods .... big BIG prints .... claw marks WAY up high on trees ... odd clumps of fur ....  it’s being investigated .... and we’re hoping to welcome a most unusual species into the protection of Rikki’s Refuge !!!

Rikki’s border, encompassing our 450 acres, is over 7 miles long.  To keep the land and animals protected we must keep that entire perimeter posted and we must patrol often.  We maintain special places for wildlife ready to be released by licensed rehabbers.  We are working on trails and observation areas for hoomans to mingle with nature and recharge their batteries.  It really works you know --- a good long walk in the woods and you come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another day!!

All this is done on donations designated specifically for our natural area.  If you’d like to be a part of this, just make a note to that effect on your donation:

Think about saving more land.  Would you be interested in buying land adjoining the refuge so it, too, can be protected forever?  What a wonderful gift to the animals!!  There’s raw land, there’s houses.  Buy up a chunk and donate it to Rikki’s and reserve the right to use it for the remainder of your life, with the peace of mind it will be kept safe for the animals forever.  Just ask us how:   Or make a contribution specifically for the purchase of land to be added under Rikki’s Refuge’s Umbrella of Protection.  Just mark you donation as such: or Rikki’s Refuge, PO Box 1357, Orange VA 22960

It’s a good feeling to know you’re saving lives FOREVER !!!!

What I’ve learned at the bridge
is the same that we practiced together at the Refuge.  Love matters.  Kindness matters.  Lending a hand to help matters.  Gandalf has it right here ... it’s all those small ordinary deeds of kindness that matter.  Every day in Every way.  Who did you help today?  Tell me !!!  Where do you live and what did you do?  I know YOU did something good!  Opened a door for somebody, fed a feral kitty, smiled at somebody on the street.  It doesn’t take much to brighten somebody’s day ....  but it means so much to them.  When bad things happen in the world, try not to let it get you down and let it suck your good energy and intentions away ... remember to help make it go away by making the day brighter for someone else .... if we all practice this ... even on days it’s really hard ... sooner or later somebody else is practicing it ... and then somebody else .... and if we all work really hard ... in elebenty oddle years we can make the planet the most happy, the most peaceful in the universe.  Trust me!!  Try it !!!!  

Don’t ever forget ... wez at Rikki’s Refuge IS your good friends !!!!  Spend a day with the animals, or in the woods or with other volunteers and you’ll find your smile, your hope, your courage!!!

Love you bunches,

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