Wednesday, December 13, 2017

GOOD MORNING GOOD NEWS all the animals are safe !!!

GOOD MORNING  GOOD NEWS  all the animals are safe !!!

Because you care so much about us, I wanted you to know that we are all ok and the snow over the weekend wasn't that bad.  But it sure got cold over the weekend  ... and it was dark and dreary....   and it was wet .... and most of us didn't like it much.  

The birds love any kind of wet weather, no matter how cold !!

Because YOU care, we had lots of warm beds where many of us spent the day.  Not wanting to go out .....  or taking cover if we did !

That rule doesn't apply to the humans.  They have to go out and take care of all the animals no matter what.  Rain or shine, snow or sleet, freezing cold or boiling hot, every animal must be cared for, must be fed, must have fresh water, must have a warm clean bed. 

The prediction was for just a little snow, everyone should be able to make it into work.  But still .....  we must be very careful and make sure the animals are protected no matter what ....  so folks had to bunk in just in case.  If that weather turned and there was enough snow that roads got bad and nobody came to work .....  it could be a disaster.   Our dedicated caretakers are fabulous folks who always put our animals first .....   no matter what !!!!!   

Norman says it's unfair to order snow on Caturday !!!! 
That's a day reserved for cats and should only be sunny and warm !

Beauty sat patiently hoping for LOTS of snow !!!   She loves to roll and play in the snow no matter how cold it gets
Petra was a bit unsure about it and only wanted to stay on the porch for a bit before going back inside.

Lucy didn't see the big fuss about a little snow.
She is very grateful that you buy her special senior horse food, even if it does cost more every week.  Just look at her !!!   Remember a few months ago how all her ribs stuck out and how sad and skinny she was?  Good care here and your donations for her special food have made her happy and healthy again !!!

Milo and Cj try to figure out why the geese love the melting snow puddles !!

No matter how cold it is, the geese want to swim. 
We keep water available in their pools, even if we have to remove the ice 3 or 4 times a day, as long as it's not cold enough to risk the water freezing around their legs while they are swimming. 

Rob found a truck load of pumpkins to bring out and donate to the animals ......

Who should get served first ?   Patrick and Preston saw the truck coming and said OINK first ....
so they got the first serving !!

THANK YOU ROB !!!!    Your Rock !!!    
        Love, Preston

The cats who wanted to go out, watched the snow from under cover. 
And wondered about the crazy birds who loved standing out in the wet falling snow.

The goats and sheep weren't bothered by the snow at all.
They get extra grain on days like this.  They need it to keep up body weight in cold weather.  Luckily this wasn't enough snow to mean we had to feed hay.  If the big animals can't get to the grass, then we have to buy hay for them.  It costs almost $200 a day if we have to feed every one hay !!!

All our expenses go up with cold weather.  Everybody needs to eat more.  We need to have more warm bedding.  It takes about 10 bales of straw a day to keep the beds warm and dry for the pigs and goats and sheep and horses and cows. 

The cats and dog eat almost twice what they do in the hottest summer month. 

Even the birds eat need a couple hundred pounds of cracked corn, scratch, seed and specialty feed everyday.  Not only do they need more food for more energy to grown their warm down and more food to make more energy to keep warm .....  but they have no bugs to eat !!!  When they can't pick bugs out of the grass .....  we have to fill that void with feed !

With out your help, we couldn't keep everybody safe and warm all winter long. 

Won't you please help restock our pantry for the next cold day?

                       DON'T  YOU  THINK ?



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