Sunday, April 21, 2013

Good Morning Good News !!!! April 21, 2013

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Rainbow Bridge

Ron Herfurth and Paul Erhard worked hard four weekends in a row to build the all new and improved Rainbow Bridge to our multi species cemetery where our animals make their final journey after a fulfilling long and natural life and where our volunteers have private areas to bury their beloved pets.  If you'd like to help support out animals living on the this side of the bridge we'd greatly appreciate your help.  $1 feeds an animal today ... Thank you,

Read what others are saying
about Rikki's Refuge (Life Unlimited of Virginia) and write your review !!!  Organizations with the most number of reviews during April could win up to $20,000 !!!!  Thank you !!!

“I've been a volunteer, fan & lover of Rikki's for over 10 years! Not only do they help so many cats, they help every walk of life that they possibly can! Anything the animals may need, they get. Whether it's medical help, food or love, these animals get everything they need! The dedicated staff works day & night to ensure the health & safety of all the Rikki's animals, sometimes staying 2-3 days in a row to make sure things are going as needed. The founder of this organization works tirelessly to submit grants & tax forms, obtain donations, doing anything & everything to help these animals. You will not find another individual who cares as much for the animals! Every donation received is used for the sole purpose of the animals in need - a rare quality to find now a days! As a whole, this organization is the tops!” --- Amy

“I became friends with Vincent Cat on Facebook and found at the other end a wonderful, caring and hard working refuge. Not only do they do help cats and dogs, but all manner of animals that other places would be turned away. And the help doesn't end with animals. As an artist I found inspiration in the many photos of the great critters who call Rikki's home. I hope one day to complete a book of cartoons inspired by these critters. To sound cliche a vote for Vinny and crew is a vote for a better future.” --Elizabeth

“Any one family, supporting the amount and diversified animals that this family has is simply incredible! I stay friends with 'Vincent Cat' on Facebook because he's a true inspiration of helping those in need that can't speak for themselves with people words. The consistent updates and photos for the last few years that I've known him has brought joy to my life when all I really needed was a reason to smile. As long as he'll keep me as a friend, I do believe we'll be distant friends for life!” --Dana

“Rikki's Refuge is unlike any other place I've ever heard of. they go far beyond just saving cats and dogs. Twenty two species of animals call Rikki's home. The volunteers are amazing...they never say "we can't". They somehow make great things happen and overcome problems where other rescues would say no, we can't help. Differently abled animals that would be killed anywhere else live and thrive there. Throw away animals with no place to call home now have wonderful lives because of Rikki's. I have been a supporter for quite some time and my first vacation in 15 years will be this year and I'm going to Rikki's!!” --Lia

Love you bunches,

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