Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cats vs Dogs 2013

It's April and do you know what that means?

April showers ... check.

Spring flowers... check.

And ...

Time to plant tomatoes and veggies and especially catnip .... check.

And last but not least, that means its time for...drum roll please!:

Cats vs Dogs at Rikki's!

 (Do YOU have the smarts of a cat?  Be the first reader to comment on this blog entry with what you really see in this cartoon ... HOW has Opie the Cat just demonstrated that he’s smarter than Duke the Dog?  Be the first one to tell me the right answer and you’ll win your choice of a Rikki’s Tshirt or Car Magnet !)

And hey, you know Cats are Number One right? I mean, there's lotsa reasons to vote for us:

-Cats are neater than dogs. I mean, we're self-cleaning like an oven!

-Cats are smarter, duh. We're above chasing balls and stuff!

-Cats always land on their feet!

-Cats are...well, what more reasons do you need?

Of course PLEASE don’t tell Duke I said ANY of that!

Cats vs Dogs is our annual fundraiser for the Refuge that lets YOU help determine who's better...cats (like cutie-pie ME!) or you know, those slobbering, driveling dogs.

Throughout April you can vote by donating a dollar for each vote and help determine the winner.
                                   HERE HERE CLICK HERE !!!!

The proceeds go to buy nums and medicine YOUR furry friends at Rikki’s Refuge.

Sooooo....go vote!