Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Snoozing for Vincent

And Kerry says, “Wake up you lazy cat and get to work, we have 1200 animals to take care of. No more snoozing around here.” HUH? It’s like o’dark thirty and raining to boot. I call this hibernation time. Then she yanks my covers off. “To work you beast. If I have to work, YOU have to work! Your choice, get out there to check on everybody, start scooping boxes or go write a Hairballs.”

Ok Ok I’ll go do Hairballs. After I get a cup of catnip tea. Ahhhh Yaaawwwwwnnnnnn … Maybe just a little cat nap …. Ok Ok I’m just kidding, I’ll get over to the office and to work right away. “And, Mr. Vincent, why don’t YOU explain why there was no Hairballs last week.”

Ok, so I missed a week. It wasn’t MY fault. SHE was messing with the computer. SHE was a howling and a squawking about mud stuck between the keys. SHE was screaming about wipe your filthy paws, all three of them, before you set paw in my office! SHE was ranting and raving that if she ever found HER computer out in a cat house again…..

HER computer? Where does she get off with that kind of crap? HER? Lady, YOU invited me into your home knowing full well I’m a CAT and I live by MY rules, what’s yours is MINE. Gonna throw me out? Huh? “Don’t push your luck, Vincent! I’ll spend the day on the phone finding a sanctuary that takes handicapped sassy cats! Don’t you dare tempt me.”

Christine Greene & Christine Hawley independently posted the challenge: Every Day ‘til Thanksgiving, think of one thing you are thankful for and post it on your wall. The longer you do it, the harder it gets!

Do you think it will get harder? I think I can do it. Can you? My first post: Today I am thankful for Christine Greene who helps us to remember that we should be thankful.

It was a few minutes later that I saw my other friend Christine had made that request too.

My facebook is and you can sign up to be my friend and learn about my philosophy of the world. As I write this, I have 265 facebook friends. I really want 1,000 facebook friends but all the humans tell me I’m greedy. ME? Come on, I’m perfect, NOT greedy! And look, in 24 hours I got my first 100 friends and in less than two weeks 265 – so I can’t be all wrong now can I?

Help me to prove the humans wrong and show them EVERYBODY wants to be MY friend. Log onto facebook and be my friend.

Every morning. If we can all think of one nice happy thing we are thankful for, I think it will make our days much happier. I can’t wait to read what you’re thankful for!

Rikki’s Refuge also has a serious facebook page where you can keep up to date about what’s going on. Just go here to sign up as a fan.

My facebook is a lot more fun. Rikki’s is just kind of stuffy business stuff. Mine is cool. Sometimes even a dating site!! Check it out. My first attempt at computer dating! From Kat Knipp, “OH Vincent....I think I’m in LOVE! My first sleep over've been fixed, right?”

And if you’re interested in boring Kerry who thinks life is all work, work, work

Love, Vincent