Monday, March 07, 2011


March 7 - 15, 2011


Here's my HERO list !!!!!
Who donated cans for March Madness?

My TOP HERO is Jan with 1,996 cans!!!
Jan, 1996 cans
Vicki, 900 cans 
Judi, 900 cans 
Michelle, 900 cans 
Martha, 750 cans
Phyllis, 600 cans
Alyce, 600 cans
Cindy, 492 cans
Beth, 300 cans
Sherri, 300 cans
Nancy, 300 cans
Dennise, 300 cans
Winging Cat Rescue, 300 cans
Karen, 300 cans
Suzette, 150 cans
Susan, 150 cans
Feed the Dawgs, 150 cans
Alicia, 150 cans
Niko, 150 cans
Marie, 150 cans
Jim, 75 cans
Jamie, 75 cans
Sharon, 75 cans
Diana, 75 cans
Kathy, 75 cans
Debra, 75 cans
Diana, 60 cans
Sarah, 60 cans
Patricia, 30 cans
Christiann, 24 cans
Kathy, 9 cans

Your kind donations have put cans in our 
dog and cat pantry for 

Dear Incredible Friends,

This is March Madness Month and 
I have a MADCAP idea!!! 

I am going to give away a Rikki's t-shirt - (yes, Kerry I am!!!) - to the GENEROUS human who donates the most cans of food to Rikki's critters -  starting today until midnight March 15th (the Ides of March)!!!! 
Why did I come up with this PURR-fectly MADCAP idea - well, we have had a TOUGH few months and I need the food for all my friends (dogs too!!!) - so - I put my thinking cap on (and I do look cute with it on) - and I just know that you will HELP ME HELP THEM!!!  

If you can't make it to the Refuge with the car loads of canned food - you can donate online - one dollar for 3 cans of cat/dog food -- so 5 dollars - will equal 15 cans!!!!   See - I can add - as long as it adds up to 15 - can't help it - I only have 3 paws and one tail!!

And remember - you could never have enough Rikki's t-shirts - just ask Jan!!!!

So I challenge you!
During this crazy month of March - your t-shirt is waiting - let the fun begin!!!!!   

YOUR Vincent  

Every kind of canned cat and dog food qualify, tuna too, be sure you log your donations with Kerry or Lena or Valerie to make sure it goes down on Vincent’s Heroes List.  Can’t make it to the Refuge before March 15th?  I’ll do the shopping - just click 

and I’ll see you get can credit!  


Anonymous said...

donated some $ via PayPal so get yourself some good food.

vwright51 said...

I also donated for some well deserved food.

Martha Girdany said...

Just donated some $$ for you, Vinnie! Love, Martha