Friday, April 20, 2012

Vincent’s Birthday

HAPPY 14th
And may you have many more our dear boy!!!

Friend of Vincent?
Love the Vin-Man?

If YES ... continue reading ....
if NO .... then disregard, cuz this is a special party JUST for Vincent’s very bestest friends!!

APRIL 28, 2012
Get it on your calendar NOW !!!!
Please RSVP, very important, space is limited !!!!!

We put plans on hold while Vincent was sick, so we’re a little behind schedule and working out details now.  Check back frequently for up to the minute plans and details.  And keep those prayers coming for Vincent to stay healthy!

Party from 1 pm to 4 pm
Games: Pin the Leg on the Kitty
             Barkgo or Mewogo (bingo)
             Got any other ideas?
Tours:  Meet the Animals
Cake:  2 pm Fancy Feast Cake for Vincent and friends
           Hooman cake too

BBQ and Pot Luck from 4 pm to dark
RSVP a must, Chief Ron will be doing veggie burgers
Please bring something vegetarian to share.
Remember, the refuge is vegetarian for all two legged critters!

Half Moon Walk from dark, about 8:30 pm to ........
We couldn’t schedule a Full Moon for the party so a half moon will have to do !
Listen to the guinea pigs and pigeons coo as they settle in for the night!
See the eye shine of the wild and feral cats!
Watch the pigs pile up in a heap to sleep!
Hear the hens sing gently and the roosters crow!
Listen to the dogs howl!
Hear the rhythm of the emus booming!
Be lulled by the frogs calling!

Our night time sounds will awe you !

You’re Invited to some or all
Just remember it’s a MUST to RSVP, space is limited !!!!!

More Happenings
on Vincent’s Day

Opportunity to vote for CATS or DOGS in the 2012 Election Race

First showing of the fabulous Signature Quilt !!!!
Check back for details and a photo.  It’s gonna be a spectacular raffle!!!

Vincent’s Birthday Wish List 
Fancy Feast !!!!  Especially the Appetizer White Meat Chicken and Flaked Tuna

check back frequently as Vincent thinks about what he REALLY needs !!!!!

PS !
Shhhhhhh:  Vincent doesn’t want to let it leak that, Kerry, his mom’s birthday is the same as his.  He scared people might bring icky vegetarian things for her instead of delicious Fancy Feast for him.  He says if you do have to give his mom a Birthday Gift all she really wants is a vote for her beloved Vin-Man!!!

Remember $100 or more vote in the Cats vs Dogs 2012 Campaign gets you an 8x10 glossy of Vincent, Opie and Timmy in their Tree House or Jack, Baby Girl, KiKi, Boomer, Duke, and Beauty in a lovely field.  Photos will be available at the party too.

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