Friday, April 20, 2012

Cats vs Dogs

Its CATS vs DOGS 2012 !!!!!!

We’re a little late getting started this year, cuz your favorite candidate was in the hospital.  He’s out, got a great appetite and going wild to Rule the Refuge for yet another year !!!!

Will YOU give Vincent the chance?

Or will 2012 be the Year of the Dogs?
Is that what all this 2012 nonsense is about?

Better keep Vincent on as the ruler to keep the planet stable !!!!

Its up to you !!

Hear what the candidates have to say:
Vincent has teamed up with Opie and Timmy

The Cat’s Campaign Promises
1) Fancy Feast on every plate
2) Equal Rights for the handicapped regardless of species
      Vincent lost a leg twelve years ago in a traffic accident
       Opie was born last summer with out hind feet
       Timmy’s hind legs are partially paralyzed after a “fall” out the window of a moving car
3) We travel to teach Humane Education
4) Will buy your vote with Purrs for every supporters
5) Cats RULE, always

Duke has doubled his effort this year

The Dog’s Campaign Promises
1) Treats and Hooman food for all
2) Keep your critter for life
     Jack, abandoned because he was getting older
     Baby Girl, abandoned when the hoomans moved
     KiKi, abandoned as a pup for growing too big
     Boomer, abandoned when the hoomans moved
     Duke, abandoned in a city park, blind
     Beauty, abandoned for behavior
3) We will eat the treats you bring
4) Will buy your vote with Drool for every supporter
5) Dogs DROOL, well .... yeah .... we do ..... so what?

Cast your vote NOW !!!

WHO will it be for 2012?

Cast your vote to support the cats  ......................................................................................................  or the dogs !!!!!  
Click on the candidate you’re voting for
Votes of $100 or more will receive an 8x10 glossy photo of their candidates (as shown below)!!!!

Click photo for Vincent and the Cats                                                              Click photo for Duke and the Dogs

Or send your VOTE by check to

Cats vs Dogs 2012
Rikki’s Refuge
PO Box 1357
Orange VA 22960
be sure to specify CATS or DOGS

We’re ready for a debate!
Send in your questions (comment below), check back frequently for our answers!!!

VOTE as often as you like !!!!

Ask all your friends to VOTE !!!!


Sherry said...

Voted for Vincent

Lisa DeFilippo said...

Vincent - you will always rule!! Rest in Peace sweet boy