Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Fun, The Photos, March 23, 2013

Long before the gates opened ..... the bunny’s helpers were hard at work stashing eggs ....

They hid them high ......

They hid them low ....

 They hid them not too hard for da wee hoomans ...

HEY !!!! Who let the boys in the dressing room !!!

Easter Dog .... Easter Bunny ... Easter Duck

It’s time for the hunt !!!! On your mark ..... get set ..... GO .....

Earon took Kelsy, younger and a bit shy at first, under her wing to help her find eggs.

That was the kindest thing !!! The utterly spontaneous selfless act makes me know our planet is evolving !!! Instead of rushing off to get more eggs for herself, she stopped to take the hand of a younger child who was feeling lost and help make the day wonderful for them !!!!! Way to go !!!

At Rikki’s Refge some bunny is always ready to help you !!!

Pictures with the Easter Bunny !!!

Easter Bonnet Winners

Winner of the Girls Division: Kelsy Winner of the Dogs Division: Snoop Winner of the Boys Division: Nathan
Kelsy shows off the giant egg she won, and her wonderful daddy who helped her make her winning Garden Bonnet !!!

Kelsy was on a winning streak !!!

She also won the Guess How Many Jelly Beans contest !!!! LOOK at those SMILES !!!!

I think everyone - young and old - had a good time. The kids are looking forward to more fun and games at Rikki’s Refuge ... The parents are looking forward to tours and volunteering ...

Even Boogz enjoyed the extra treats and handouts he mooched !!!

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