Saturday, May 26, 2012

Get Well Tractor

Did you know that there's a hospital for tractors?
Our tractor had to get "fixed" and was in the hospital for a week. A whole week. I don't know why Grandmom wanted to fix tractor? She always saying we need more than one tractor to do all the work here, so why she don't want it to have baby tractors? If they don't got no tractors at the pound we can take home, then it be ok to have baby tractors, no? I don't get it.

And now she who thinks kitties can do everything, walk in and throw this bill on my desk, $662 for tractor to be fixed, and she say, Hey ya Opie, here's something for you to take care of.  Can you get that taken care so I don’t have to spend your cat food money on it?

That's more expensive than the speuter clinic. And what's I spposed to do to "take care of it"?

Can you help me maybe?    $387 to go ........
And you can get double your value.  I learned about double your value from my dad Vincent!!  He always gotted the biggest bang for his buck!!! 

SO here’s a deal you can’t resist !!!!!

Did I say that right?  You can VOTE for ME in Cats vs Dogs AND I can pay the tractor get fix bill!!  How’s that sound?  Can you help me?

What?  Oh KiKi says I always have to do fair representation.  So I have to give you the choice to VOTE for DUKE, and he said if you do he’ll help and use that money to fix tractor too.  He be nice doggie.

Thank you, it’d be so cool if tractor be all paid for fixing a for grandma takes my cat food money.  Maybe then she let me have some time off and not make be work so hard in this office!!! 

Thank you for helping me to prove I am a good hard working kittah !!!!

Nancy Mottershaw
Karen Friedel   
Greta Bollinger
Debra Berry 

only $387 more to go !!!!!

or for the DOGS:

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