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February 6, 2018

February 6, 2018 -  Opie's Diary of Daily Doings at Rikki's Refuge
                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal
Good Morning ya all !!!! Brrrreeeewwwww ...... The goat cart got a big deep layer of frost on it .....

We started working in a cool 23 degrees .... 

The three little pigs
                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal
came out to check out the world early .....  for a while it looked like the skies would clear and the sun would shine bright ......  but atlas .....  but the time the sun was bright ....  clouds were covering most of the sky ....  and the little piggies decided to go back to bed for a morning nap till the heavy frost and ice from yesterday's rains had melted away.

See the piggy with the straw on her head?  Piggies like to sleep huddled all up together with the pile sort of rolling so they take turns on the outside cooling off.  And they love to burrow all the way under the straw when it's cold !!!!   Sometimes they don't shake it all off coming out for breakfast.

Seeking a place closest to the sun
                                                                                            photo compliments of Katie Terrill
to catch the most of the early morning rays sneaking thru clouds.

Guinea Fowl Breakfast Club
                                                                                            photo compliments of Katie Terrill

Duck Convention
                                                                                            photo compliments of Katie Terrill
discussing the futures price of cracked corn !!! 

Oh the places I can go
                                                                                            photo compliments of Paul Erhard
.... the things that I can do ....

Even with the afternoon cloud cover
                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal
it did go up to 41 degrees .... and no rain .... so it was pretty nice !!!

Any day with an afternoon snack is a good day !
                                                                                            photo compliments of Katie Terrill

Meet Jacque
                                                                                            photo compliments of Cindy Wright

and Toby
                                                                                            photo compliments of Cindy Wright
They're a bonded elderly beagle pair.  They came to live with us a couple months ago when their owner was badly kicked by her horse.  A shattered leg left her in the hospital and then rehab for quite some time.  Prayers she'll have a full recovery.

It's nice that your kindness and financial support make it possible for us to help people who suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves in  a situation where they cannot care for their animals.  Without Rikki's ....  these animals would often end up in high kill shelters and would be dead long before their owners recovered well enough to be able to check on their welfare. 

Thank you for helping us help people who truly love their animals. 

Buttercup is a fan of SpaceX and loves to watch rocket launches !!!!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Katie Terrill
She would love to fly a mission with the goat cart .... but alas ....  mom says Rikki's is the place for all of us to be and the only space exploration we're gonna be doing ..... is around here !!!! 

I hope you got to watch SpaceX's launch of the Falcon Heavy and the simultaneous landing of the two side boosters !!  WOW ....   this has been so exciting, watching them learn how to safely land and reuse the boosters, cutting the cost of trips to space quite significantly.

I got hooked watching SpaceX launches last winter when I was staying with GGP, Cape Canaveral isn't that far from his home and once the rockets were up and off the ground we could see them from his yard !!!!     So we'd see them shoot off on the puter and run outside .....

Today's launch and booster landing was just really amazingly cool .... in case you missed it ...

And even cooler ...  if that's possible ....
                                                                                            photo compliments of Opie
was the views of Spaceman in his Tesla Roadster orbiting the earth. 

Yeah.... we've all seen pictures of the earth from space .....  but something about seeing somebody driving by the earth ....  just really was a spectacular sight and feeling .....   

Just cruisin on by earth .....  just watch this !!!!
spectacular view of our planet from way out there ......  
places to go things to see ...

WOW .....  makes me want to go on an adventure !!!!!

When they asked the guy who owns the rocket company - and the car - why launch a car?  He said since it was an experimental flight nobody wanted to put their billion dollar satellite on there ....  and the standard is to test with a big hunk of concrete and steel .... but how boring is that, right ??   So the car equipped with cameras to watch it's 4 hour orbit around earth would be a lot more fun !!!!  

You gotta love somebody who loves their job and puts fun into it !!!!   That's almost like getting to work at Rikki's !!!!

Yeah Yeah  Yeah
                                                                                            photo compliments of Katie Terrill
says Batman ... it's been a long hard day ....  I think I'm ready for a nap ....

Before the sun set
                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal
it had already cooled off to 32 ......

Time to burrow in for the night
                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal

Love, Opie 

thank you for making it all possible !

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