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February 28, 2018

February 28, 2018 -  Opie's Diary of Daily Doings at Rikki's Refuge
Ohhhh !!!!!   Snuggly piggies in their blanket of hay !!!!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Paul Erhard
After breakfast ....  they bunch up piles of hay to snuggle into for a nap.  It was nice with some sun early in the morning .....    before the clouds came in and took over. 

Who gets fed first?
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal
The free rangers are usually first .... and the friendliest one to the forefront !!!!  

With almost 1300 animals to feed every morning, and usually 4 hoomans doing it, somebody has to get fed before somebody else ...... 

How do we decide who's free ranging and who's not?  Well you have to make certain promises.
1) I will not leave the property
2) I will not harm another resident .... or scare them like by chasing even if you don't intend to eat them
3) I will show up for breakfast and dinner and check in with a hooman so they know I'm ok
4) I have learned how to be safe and not do silly things like stroll off into the woods looking for a fox.

And if you can't promise .... and live up to your promise ....  then for your own safety and that of others ....  you have to stay in an enclosure !!!!

Just look at those feet !!!!!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal
He's a fuzzy footed chicken !!!   I don't know the official name, but his kind have feathers on their legs and feet.  I like that !!!!   If I had feet, I'd want them covered up warm in fur .... well feathers if I was a bird !!!! 

WHAT do you mean, "there's no more"?  I still gotz hungry.
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal
Won't you help us fill their tummies?  For only $8.38 we can buy a whole case of food of them ...  12 cans of 13 oz each.  It's a good deal, when we buy in bulk.  Help us buy a pallet by contributing one case at a time !!!!   Thank you ....

Today me and Mom have been doing fix em up sort of things.
                                                                                            photo compliments of Opie
She's been teaching me how to wear a carpenter's hat and stuff like that. Cuz she says there's lots of work that needs to be done, and I got to do my fair share, seeing as I'm like spokes cat and all that. So one of the things we did today was rip off the old icky dirty carpet that was on the steps to me and Timmy's steps we use to get up into bed. And then we got it brand new carpet and now we put it on and what do you think? Do you think it came out good? Here's Timmy trying it out.

                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal

                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal

Your daily cute kitty fix, brought to you by Clarence ... Rikki's Cat-Man-Do !!!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal

Doing the Ducky Rain Dance
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal
the ducks and geese are getting terribly worried we may be entering a drought ....  they're dancing for rain ....  it's been two days with out any ....  how long can we hold out ?

When the sheep come home .....
                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal
Good weather predictors ....  when animals who often like to stay out all night munching grass and napping start flocking towards their barns ......  

                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal
Did you know the turkeys display just like the peacocks do ?  Their feathers aren't as long, but the stuck 'em up and waggle them about and make a rustlin noise they hope will attract the girls. 

The birds are awful ....  all the he birds think of all spring long is she birds ....  If only they could go to the speuter clinic !!!!   Anesthesia and surgery are too dangerous for birds.  The mortality rate is very very high.  It's cus of their systems and anatomy.  So we have to manage them by egg control ....   at least that easier than them having "real" babies .....

Nighty night ....
                                                                                           photo compliments of Doug Deal

Love, Opie 
                                                                                            artwork compliments of Wayne Morris
Thank YOU for making it all possible !

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