Saturday, May 10, 2008


Most importantly we need the funds to support our 1200 every day. Food, basic care, preventative medical care and serious medical care that most animals will need at lest once in their lives. Extra money allows us to expand. Grow. Build new housing. Take in more helpless critters.

If You Can Help in Any Way

please do. A few bucks if you can spare. Any items of use you may have. Any left over food. Medications. Bedding. Spend some time with the animals. Be a serious volunteer and give one day a week or month to seriously helping out. Learn the ropes, how the daily routine goes so you can jump in and help where we really need it.

Be on the Emergency Call List

so on a day staff members call in sick you can fill in to help out. It's terribly hard to keep good staff on board. Many work here just till they can get an indoor job where they aren't handling poop all day every day, like McDonalds or 7/11. If you're not a serious animal person and very serious about making a change in the world it's not the job you're looking for.

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