Saturday, May 10, 2008


The dogs are always so happy to see people. At the first sighting the howls and barks of joy go out. Soon everyone at Doggy Downs is in a ruckus. Pat me, feed me, love me. Our dogs fall into three categories.

The old. He's not so playful anymore, let's dump him and let somebody else take care of him forever (if he's lucky) and we'll just get a new puppy. It breaks our heart to leave him behind at the pound, but we'll soon be over it as we start to housebreak the new puppy.

The handicapped. Like Duke Thomas Peabody, born with fetal eyes that will never see more than shadows. But with a big heart that just wants to be filled with love. When Duke is in his territory or with his seeing eye dog Boomer (no joke) you wouldn't even notice that he's blind. But on new turf he'll walk right into a tree.

Photo by Kerri Williams, Magpi Studios 540-760-2388

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