Saturday, May 10, 2008


this is a great place to start. The message we sent out on Tours and Open Houses is astounding. The amount of education that goes on would knock your sox off. People have no idea there are handicapped animals who need care, that so many are unwanted, how valuable neutering and spaying or sputering (one word fits all) is. We touch so many people and if just a tiny percentage listens to the message and acts on it, the world takes one more turn in the right direction.

Please come out and help us.

Every social change on this planet was done by caring individuals who firmly believed in that change.

Volunteer Training Days

We have a number of dates and times prearranged for Volunteer Training. Please pick the one most suitable for you and RSVP in advance. Full session attendance is required. If you are unable to attend a full session, please select another one where you have the available time, we are unable to accommodate partial participation.

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