Saturday, May 10, 2008


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or as one of our vets labeled it "genetically inferior material". Like Alan, Aliza and Lizzy's mom, Sindy, was probably very young, malnourished, seriously inbreed and sick. As a matter of fact shortly after giving birth she tested positive for leukemia. That's what brought them and brother Tyson to Rikki's Refuge. They were rather sickly and their blood tests kept coming back with varying results. We kept treating them and giving lots of vitamins and love.

After many long months they were healthy. And they tested negative for leukemia. The family is inseparable. Sindy who never grew bigger than Aliza, Lissy and Tyson is only a few months older than her kids so they all play together. They all sleep together. They are really inseparable. And after all they've been thru we will never let them be separated.

Aliza and Lizzy have taken to a high perch not too sure about all these folks visiting. usually they are shoulder riders but the excitement got a bit too great. They are several years old but still the size of little kittens. They have what we call Dump Kitty Syndrome. Parts of them have grown and other parts haven't. They tend to age quicker. And they tend to have more medical problems and a lot of medical problems younger than you'd expect. They usually have a relatively short lifespan. They are wonderful and loving but will require a lot more medical attention than your average kitty.

I was reading an article in a magazine at a doctor's office several months about a very isolated group of humans, they have been geographically isolated for countless generations which had resulted in inbreeding. They are very small, age very rapidly, have a lot of heart problems and usually don't live past the age of 30. A 40 year old in this society is physically terribly elderly. The article referred to this condition as "genetically inferior" and described a number of similar tribes or groups of humans throughout the world who fit this pattern. It sounded just like Dump Kitty Syndrome.

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