Saturday, May 10, 2008


8 am - 5 pm. If you are unable to arrive prior to 8 am, please select another session, we are unable to accommodate late arrivals. However you may leave early if a full day is too much for you. You will be the most useful to Rikki's Refuge after you have worked a day along side the staff. If you complete a full day, you will earn your Critter Care Crest.

Please arrive in adequate time to be parked, signed in, and ready to start working at 8 a.m. you will be given a quick rundown of the chores involved in cleaning and feeding the 9th Life Retirement, Assisted Living and Psychiatric Center, the Hospital, the Cat Houses, Doggy Downs, and the other animal areas. You'll then get to work on the daily duties. Around noon we will take a one-hour break for lunch (please pack your own, no refrigeration available, the only safe place to hide it is in your vehicle) and a quick tour (you'll be eating on the run). At one o'clock we'll get back to work. By 5 p.m. everything will be shiny and clean, so the animals can make a horrible mess of it again overnight !!!

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