Saturday, May 10, 2008


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Captured and snuggled. Some of the rabbits enjoy human contact. Most of them think taking a carrot out of your hand is quite enough. Many people think a rabbit is a nice simple little pet to get for the kids. Easier than a cat or dog. This is another silly choice. Rabbits need social contact. They need other rabbits and if they are kept in cages (which I don't like the idea of anyway) they need a lot of contact and play time. Rabbits don't tend to be as domesticated as cats and dogs do. They have to learn to enjoy being held and handled. They have a fear of falling and flail, grasping on with claws if they feel insecure. And can they kick! And bite. And when they aren't fixed both the males and females will often spray. Right out of the cage - right at you. And rabbit urine is very strong and concentrated, meaning their cages need daily attention or that nasty rabbit stinks.

Most rabbit pets last less than six months. Then it's off to the pound with an adult, not so cute, not very friendly rabbit - who can only hope they'll be one of the lucky few who end up in rabbit Rotunda.

Now some people do have lovely house rabbits. They are treated like any house pet with freedom to roam. They are socialized and they are much loved and very well cared for. Unfortunately that is the major exception.

Photo by Kerri Williams, Magpi Studios 540-760-2388

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