Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where Are You?

Where Are You?
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I've been looking right and left and I still can't find you. I know you must be out there somewhere. You are, aren't you? Someone out there can love me, can't you? I'm not a bad doggie, I'm really not, I just want to be your only doggie. Please, please give me a chance. I know I may not have many years left, but please give me the chance to live out my life being loved.

Beth at the Orange County Animal Shelter has been begging and pleading for months now for someone to please help this dog. Sasha is a young acting 12-year-old Doberman pinscher, a beautiful russet brown in color she weighs in just under 90 pounds. Her tail was docked. She is spayed, vaccinated, tested and wormed, and ready to go home with you. She is always lived as an indoor companion dog, and is not used other dogs. She was always the only pet and she does not know how to share her space with other pets. She is used to older children who treat her with respect and kindness and she is housebroken

Nervous in new situations, she does not understand why her family threw her away and Sasha has become scared and depressed. When she first arrived at the shelter several months ago, she had a number of untreated health problems. Undiagnosed hypothyroidism was making her uncomfortable, lethargic and sluggish. Now treated, she simply need a couple of pills every day to keep her feeling good and active. She also had a raging urinary tract infection, but instead of being given medical attention, she was dumped at the pound, because of her frequent urination. Now that that has been treated, and she is cured, she has no more bladder problems and no more pain. Can you imagine living for months with the pain of a bladder infection and being punished every time you wet yourself because you weren't allowed into the bathroom? Can you imagine the humiliation this poor dog has gone through?

She has a fatty tumor on her chest which has tested non-cancerous. This is a very common condition in older dogs, and usually results in no health problems. Her fur has grown back since the picture was taken, and she's getting her thyroid medication regularly. And now she is one gorgeous lady!

Sasha desperately wants out of the loud, lonely, crowded shelter environment and into a loving home where she has a nice soft bed, plenty of treats and someone who cares about her. She deserves better than this; won't you please be her angel?

Call Beth, 540-672-1124, at the Orange County Animal Shelter, and come visit her today, please.

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