Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What the Heck Is Going On?

What the Heck Is Going On?
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We want out. We want out right now. We want to go home where we will be served our favorite food. We want to go home where we will be treated like a king and queen that we are. We want a home with no vacuum cleaners! And I hope you're good at scooping litter boxes.

This bonded pair arrived at the Orange County Animal Shelter a little over two weeks ago. Beth says it was a terribly sad sight to see, their owner was sobbing and crying, he had been evicted, and had nowhere to go. And now he must give up his beloved friends Winston and April.

Winston is the orange & white beautiful long-haired kitty, and April is the exotic blue shorthaired gal. They are a bonded pair of indoor housecats, and must stay together. They are mad as hell and have been here for 2 weeks -- we cannot touch them unless they're bagged. Maybe cats who were bonded to their owner, and are now feeling abandoned and hurt, react this way until they find a new person to love and trust. And sometimes you have to work to earn their trust. But, oh the love you will get, when you have.

This is what the owner says about them: April's birthday was April 7, 2004 and Winston's is December 12, 2002. Winston has an incredible sense of humor and likes to have his left ear scratched. April loves to push small items off tables. They like to drink running water from sink faucets. They eat dry food 24/7. Winston prefers Friskies salmon dinner or 9 Lives shredded turkey. April prefers Friskies pouch of seared salmon. Their biggest fear is vacuum cleaners. They are used to having their litter scooped several times a day. Loud music doesn't bother them. They both like catnip. They stay close, grooming each other and sleeping together.

Can you help to begin healing their broken hearts? Call Beth, 540-672-1124, at the Orange County Animal Shelter, and come visit them today, please.

Rikki’s Refuge,, 540-854-0870 Next Open house Sunday, June 10, 2007 noon – 4 pm

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