Tuesday, June 05, 2012

How You Can Help

Lots of things you can do
to help Rikki’s Refuge !!!
Many for FREE !!!
Click photos for more information!

Autograph Quilt Raffle  

If anyone locally has a business, and would like to host a 1/2 day fundraiser with the quilt and a bake sale, contact me Melissa at dogslife24@comcast.net.  ALSO if you’d like to sell tickets !!!!   Great to sell at work, school, clubs and more !!!!

Did you know that Rikki's collects MyCokeRewards?  Collect the codes from any Coke product (Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Nestea, Minute Maid, PowerAde, Mello Yello, Fresca, Seagram's, Mr. Pibb, Barq's, and Dasani Water), and e-mail them to Melissa at dogslife24@comcast.net.  She will turn them in to great items that Rikki's will use for fundraising!

Auction Items Needed - We’re gearing up for another auction - got items to send??  Rikki’s Refuge, 10910 Barr Ln, Raidan VA 22733 or email good quality photos if you’ll mail items to the winner.  HURRY!

Summit Recycling
Take your metal - any metal - to Summit Recycling and tell them it’s for Rikki’s.  They’ll say think you.  You’re helping the environment and earning money for the animals. 
Virtual Volunteers - got a little bit of spare time?  I need Virtual Volunteers.  Easy, no exercise involved, no poop-er scoop-er in, work from the comfort of your home or office.  Opie needs help keeping up with his one line work, posting and sharing information on social medias.  Let me know if you can help, Vincent@RikkisRefuge.org

EBay Giving Works
Buying or Selling - see how you can benefit Rikki’s Refuge.

Use this link and Amazon will donate to Rikki’s Refuge.

Kroger Kare Kards
Let your groceries earn donations, no cost to you.  It’s Kroger’s way of saying Thank You and costs you nothing.  Good at all Kroger affiliates.  

Good Search
You search the web, Rikki’s Refuge benefits, a penny for every search.

Buy It Now - Check out items in our store:  Rikki’s Marketplace on Facebook. This is where you can get things like Rikki's t-shirts, animal equipment like pill poppers and all kinds of good things.

2012 Cats vs Dogs :  -- extended thru the end of JUNE !!!!

Rikki’s Refuge Shirt and Stuff Shop

Horace the poetry writing dog
Next royalty check for Rikki's!

Helping Udders
Select Rikki’s Refuge when you check out and they receive a donation!

Your shopping at many different stores earns donations, no cost to you!

A penny for your .... searches !!!!   No cost to you !

Save A Pet Mall
Your shopping at many different stores earns donations, no cost to you!

Capital One Giving site
No admin fees, donate your bonus points, sign up for recurring donations, use with any credit or debit card or bank account.

Bark Magazine
Subscribe thru this link and 40% goes to Rikki’s Refuge.

DONATE, once, or set up recurring monthly donations!
Credit card, debit card, bank account, make a one time donation or set up recurring monthly donations so you know you’ll never forget to help out!

What other Freebies are out there?
If you know of any other sites that help charities, please tell me!!  Vincent@RikkisRefuge.org  Most of these listed above send a check every month!!

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