Thursday, June 07, 2012

Toyota 1 Car for 1300 Good Animals

Thank `YOU - YOU did it - YOU won

THANK YOU !!!!!   THANK YOU !!!!!   THANK YOU !!!!!

Click on kitty and sing along !!!!!  

You’ve put the JOY in our HEARTS today !!!

YOU won the Toyota for Rikki’s Refuge !!!!

YOU are the most awesome friends in the whole wide world !!!!

Here was the final score
the others 23%, 11%, 9%, 8%

hugs hugs hugs to everybody YEAHHHHHHHHH

I have an idea!!! I'd like to send a thank you to Toyota -- signed by everybody!!!!! Write a note of thanks to them here and I'll put them all together !!!  If you already did this on facebook you don’t need to repeat here.  for your Thank You Toyota note - just a line is fine, or more if you wish!!!

Love, Opie, Duke, Timmy, Beauty, Socrates, Kiki, Angel Vincent and all the rest of us Rikki’s Residents !!!!!!!


Carol said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Toyota! This vehicle will make a huge difference in so many animals' and humans' lives!

Your generosity to Rikki's Refuge and all the others you've awarded cars to is a blessing to all the recipients and all those indirectly connected to each one!

Unknown said...

Thank you for having such a great program for these agencies. This vehicle will be really put to good use by Rikki’s Refuge! Thank you, Toyota!!

Suzanne said...

Thank You ,Toyota, what a wonderful thing to do, Rikki's Refuge, is a great place,so helping to these animals.

Sharon said...

Thank you Toyota! I already like your cars. Acts like this, donating a vehicle to save animals, encourages customer loyalty, at least for me!!!!! Thank you for being a Company that Cares!!!