Saturday, December 22, 2007

Meet Vincent, Spokes Cat for the Physically Challenged

Vincent is one of the happiest little boys you'll ever meet. Nothing seems to ever get him down. Many years ago a serious accident claimed one leg, severely injured a second, claimed a portion of his tail, left him incontinent and seriously handicapped for life. He could've chosen to spend the rest of his life down in the dumps, bemoaning his losses.

But instead, he chose to lead a life of service, helping others to see they can always find a sunny day, if they just take the time to look. He especially enjoys meeting classrooms of able-bodied children, and teaching them, that he's no different, he can be their friend, and play right along side them, if they will just help him out a little bit. He also spends a lot of time counseling those who are feeling down. After a good long snuggle with Vincent, a few nose rubs, and some sharing of secrets, Vincent's bright sunny attitude never fails to wear off on his friends.

Vincent wishes you the merriest of holidays, filled with love and lots of good friends, and invites you to be his friend.

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