Saturday, December 22, 2007

Meet Little Rob, Spoke Pig for the Grocery Challenge

A little over a year ago, a poor little, underfed, baby piglet joined Rikki's Refuge. Big Rob was one of those special humans who loved to help out at Rikki's Refuge. This little baby piglet took a special liking to Big Rob, and before you knew it they were sharing pizzas. They only shared a few months together at Rikki's Refuge, when Big Rob, much too soon, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The poor little baby piglet soon was christened, "Little Rob", in honor of his two legged friend.

Little Rob's goal in life is to prove that nothing in a grocery store is inedible, one can ever be too large, one's belly can never be too close to the ground, what's one more chin, and that, yes, pigs can keep growing to fit their enclosure. We hope Little Rob is a bit misguided in some of his beliefs.

Little Rob wishes you Happy Holidays and lots of leftover goodies that you would like to bring out for him to eat !!!

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