Saturday, December 22, 2007

Meet Nanny Goat, Spokes Goat for the Nutritionally Challenged

Nanny Goat has spent many long years at Rikki's Refuge. She says they feel even longer, since she is fed a woefully inadequate diet. She continues to insist, that if I will allow her to use my computer to do some Internet research, she can prove to me that Oreo cookies are the best diet for goats. I took her up on her challenge once, but hooves are very hard on keyboards, and I haven't let her touch the new one. I have also seen the amazingly disgusting mess the day after she has eaten a bag of Oreos.

Poor Nanny Goat is forced to eat unappetizing things like hay, nutritionally complete goat pellets (without chocolate), fresh fruits and vegetables, no, chocolate covered cherries are not in the fruit category, whole wheat bread, and occasionally a few cookies as a snack.

Nanny wishes you a happy and chocolate filled holiday, and says, "Won't you share just a little bit?"

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