Saturday, December 22, 2007

Meet Duke Thomas Peabody, Spokes Dog for the Visually Challenged

Duke Thomas Peabody appeared out of nowhere. He was wearing a collar and a leash and bumbling about aimlessly. Nobody stepped forward and claimed to be his friend. He was born with undeveloped eyes making him virtually blind. As the majority of the world is sighted, it was decided that one who was not, had no value to society, and did not deserve even the chance of finding a home and someone to love him.

Thankfully, someone intervened, and he came to Rikki's Refuge. Loving, trusting, the sweetest, most gentle personality you will ever meet, Duke has joined our program to help others appreciate the handicapped. He loves to go on walks, and keeps his head close to your knee to know which direction to turn. Blindness wasn't the only challenge handed out to Duke, he also has a bleeding disorder and must be very careful how hard he plays, and a seizure disorder which requires homeopathic medication twice a day.

Duke Thomas Peabody has a seeing eye dog. His name is Boomer. Though Boomer is a young dog, a friendly dog, and has no mental or physical problems, he will remain a resident at Rikki's, because it would be a terrible injustice to separate the two.

Duke Thomas Peabody wishes you the happiest of holidays and the best ever in the new year.

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