Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Siberian Tigers for adoption

We added our 23rd species over the weekend.  Parakeets, including ittsy bitsy babies.  14 in all.  4 have adoption offers on them.  Anybody need a new birdie (two minimum)?  Cats need NOT reply!!!

Now we're ready for species #24 - please see email below.  I've given them our banking information so they can verify us, wire transfer the adoption fee and shipping fee, and send our Siberian Tigers kits out asap.


    *From:* Xian Lee
    *To:* undisclosed recipients:
    *Sent:* Monday, August 08, 2011 2:32 PM

    Nice to get your contact.I have Siberian tigers called Chikito and
    Niky which are available for sale. I shall be giving them out for
    adoption only to reliable and responsible families that will assure
    me that they will spoil them with love and care and also to take
    care of their welfare and living. I am therefore looking for a great
    home that will adopt any of the babies (Chikito and Niky), make them
    their own as they have always been with me.

    I have raised the babies from birth as their mother died when they
    were two weeks old . I think letting them stay here all by
    themselves while I carry on with my new job assignment will not be a
    good idea ,since there will be no one to look after their demands.
    That is the main reason why i am letting them to a loving family
    that will be able to make out time for them. All I am looking for
    now is a family really serious and who will be there for the babies.
    I cannot really know how you are going to treat My babies, as I will
    not be there to see how you go on with them but I want to leave you
    to your conscience therefore.

    I will need you to assure me therefore of your commitment to the
    babies welfare and living as cubs can consume much daily.Take note I
    am so attached to them in a way that we feel hurt when they are not
    happy. I will not just let the babies go to anyone but to some one
    responsible and that I can really rely on. So where are you located?
    How much knowledge do you have taking care of pets and a tiger
    especially a Siberian tiger ? Do you have kids and do they love
    pets,especially tigers. will you be able to afford their cost of
    living? Again, am just worried about your age. I think you are young
    to adopt a tiger.

    I will really like to know because I want to let you know in no
    circumstance will we let Chikito and Niky go to anyone who cannot
    cater for them. I will therefore be waiting to read from you with
    detail answers to these questions above as they will determine
    whether you will be able to adopt any of the babies or not.
    The babies are 16 weeks old, could live for about 15 years, have not
    been nurtured but could be at the request of their prospective
    parents. My babies are AKC registered, Weigh about 150 Pounds each
    and could be about 1025 Pounds when full grown,They are also current
    on shorts and vaccines, will be going out with a year health
    guarantee, all required adoption papers, cites permits, a new
    ownership certificate prepared to the name of the prospective
    parent, together with a 25 page booklet I have prepared to ease
    their prospective parents take proper care of the babies as soon as
    they have them. Among these four adorable babies, Chikito is a
    female while Niky is a male.

    These adorable babies have all their health and adoption paper which
    free them from being held for Quarantine. These means they are free
    to be transported to any part of the world .

    Talking about my self, I move from Shanghai,China and just relocated
    to Dakar, Senegal for a job assignment to work with a Christian
    Mission association aimed at spreading Christianity here is Senegal
    as the only religion here is Islam and also I have to head a newly
    created orphanage opened by my church .

    I would have loved to have the babies leave here with me but my job
    is very demanding, My new home has not got enough space for the
    babies to play and . I really want the babies to go to any loving
    and caring home that will spoil them with much love and care that I
    can no longer provide for them because of my job responsibilities
    and home space.

    Transporting them over to you will not be any problem because I have
    all the papers for the babies and also that I will contact the best
    delivery agency that can have the babies at your home any time you
    are ready to have them.

    I will be waiting to read from you soon and you can send your reply
    at xianlee25@yahoo.com as my regular id

    Rev. Xian Lee.
    Presbyterian Church

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