Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Help Straighten Us Out !!!

Things are in a jumble at Rikki's Refuge!

Can YOU help straighten us out?

Online jigsaw puzzles from JigsawSite.com

We've organized the cats ....

... now I need your help organizing the pantry!

I went to Border's Book fixture sale last night and I have a bunch of really good sturdy sets of shelves on hold. They are really nice expensive stainless steel professional quality shelving sets.

Rikki's can really use these in the Animal Pantry to keep their food nice and neat and off the floor and away from mice and things.

It's more money that I can afford all by myself, can you help me raise the money for Rikki's Refuge to have this great and much needed gift?

Thank you, Melissa and Rikki's Alumni Anya 

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