Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Callie's Cats Need Help !

Can you help out for a couple of months here?  I've received this plea for help at Rikki's Refuge and we are unable to help right now.  We're full to our legal limit and cannot take on any more cats.  If you can help this kitty owner, you'll find her email contact information at the end of her note.  I don't know any more information than what's in her note below.

Elvis is on the left on his back, 
Patsy in the striped gal in the middle, and 
June is on the right, giving the evil eye

I am the proud owner of 3 lovely cats who I rescued 3 years ago, they were found on the side of the road and were from the same litter. 

I have just gotten a job in Switzerland but am unable to take them with me for the first 2 months because I will not have my own place initially, it is a corporate place, and it is a bit hot to ship them right now. 

I am looking for someone who is trustworthy to foster Elvis, Patsy and June until November 1st when I can come back to the Fairfax area and fly them to Geneva with me. 

I will pay for their food and litter and any other expenses. Their rabies and all cat shots are up to date and they are good little critters. They have claws, but don't really use them. I am desperate, and have checked with EVERYONE I know personally including all family members and they are unwilling to help me out. 

I am not giving them up, I just need a temporary place for them to stay that is safe. Please let me know if you all know of anyone who can help me out. I would even be willing to give a stipend per month. (Elvis is on the left on his back, Patsy in the striped gal in the middle, and June is on the right, giving the evil eye)
Thank you,

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