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Good Morning Good News !!!! January 11, 2011

I’m Vincent D. Cat and here to make you happy!  You are HEROES!  You work hard every day and you deserve to smile every day!  Those of you working to save us animals hear so very many very sad things.  And there’s lots of very glad things too and that’s what we talk about here!  All pawsitive all the time!  I want my friends to be happy and smile and know there’s a lot of good - including YOU - in this world!!  Be kind and pass it on!  Please send me your Good New and Fun Stuff to share, personal or global. Let’s keep it fun and interactive!!  After all, if we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!  Vincent@RikkisRefuge.org

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Strength and Respect

From Jan: It's a matter of taking the side of the weak against the strong, something the best people have always done.  ---Harriet Beecher Stowe 
Rikki's Refuge staff, volunteers, and supporters prove everyday that they are the very best people!!!!

From Barbara: well worth the watch, sorry I can't figure out how to put in inline here (Fred?)

Refuge News

No icky white stuff overnight.  We’re having a Cats vs Dogs battle and I want YOU on MY side now!  This isn’t our usual April vote to see who rules the refuge for the next year.  This is serious stuff!  The doggies are voting for snow, lots of snow.  Beauty and KiKi are behind this.  Us kitties don’t want no snow.  Except for Mr. Mister who thinks he’s a doggy anyway. 

So help ME.  We’re all gonna huff and puff and blow that snow storm away.  Blow it north or south or east or west, any direction away from Rikki’s!  Are you ready?  Start blowing ........

Lena is officially off on Tuesdays, but she was worried we might get snow or ice and nobody would come to work, so she came in today, all prepared with lots of food and her nighties so she can stay for a day or two or .....

Melissa and Alan and Anne couldn’t resist going back for more turnips yesterday morning.  They dug and dug and filled up a whole truck. Anne and Melissa brought them out for the critters.  When they showed up with another truck full, Petunia Pig, Jack Rabbit and friends were so happy and called said this is a true feast! 

They had stopped at the new Walgreen's so they could use their sale coupons. They had $3 off of a $10 purchase, bleach for 99-cents (limit of 4) and laundry detergent at $4.99 buy 1 get 1 free. So, they each bought 4 bleach and 2 detergents, and spent just over $6 each!  Isn’t that a great bargain!!!  Keep your eyes open for goodies!!

Anne was carting laundry detergent in, and stopped to pet Nanny. Sally came up behind her and started rubbing her head against Anne's butt.  The more Anne stuck her butt out, the more Sally rubbed! OMG was it funny! I know that dogs like their butts scratched, but it's the first time I've heard of an animal scratching a human's butt!

If it warms up a bit in the next few weeks, we may be able to get the last of the turnips out of the field. The ground was too frozen, and would not let go of all of them.  There’s about 1 1/2 or 2 more trucks-worth out there....  Stay tuned for the next turnip dig.

Kathy spent a few cold hours walking happy dogs!  The doggies are always so happy to see Kathy!  Me too, we kitties love Kathy too!

CAN YOU HELP CALVIN PLEASE - Rikki’s is at max space wise in the 9th Life Center and cannot add more right now.

Calvin's guardian, who is in a hospice, is very worried about finding a home for his feline friend. Calvin is a ten-year-old indoor-only cat who has been declawed.  He is white with grey markings.  And, he is much loved by his guardian, who would have some peace of mind if he knew Calvin had a home.   If you think you might be able to provide a home for Calvin or know someone who would be interested, please call Dave Janiga at 703-421-4233.

Cat rescuer Barbara writes in:
How does the song go..."these are a few of my favorite things"... :-)

these are a few of the kittens trapped in December that are currently living in my office...they are coming along nicely.. I can already stroke all the teenage kittens and they will eat out of my hand, tho they still have some  nervousness... I think for only 3-4 weeks they are doing quite well...whoever adopts them would have to want to accept the challenge of continuing to win their trust, but all of these kittens are turning the corner and in my opinion in short order will make good adoptions.

The month old kittens were born in my house to a sweet mother cat trapped Dec 8th from the Hampton Inn by the hospital...she gave birth the night of Dec 9th into the early hours of Dec 10th, so they are exactly 1 month old today!!! Because of their age I would like to find an adoptive family who will take the entire family and help me socialize them, and also help with finding good homes for these little furbabies...the mother cat is also really a sweetie...a "tossed stray"... 

pic 1) Kingston, a beautiful grey male with a white star on his chest...trapped from an abandoned house on King Ave...about 5-6 months old...has been neutered and had all his shots...sleek and playful...:-)

pic 2) Mother Mary (aka Sweetie girl) a calico from the Hampton Inn near the hospital...trapped Dec 8th and gave birth to 5 furbabies the night of Dec 9th into Dec 10th a.m. A very sweet calico who loves to "talk"...

pic 3) Kelsea, app a  5 -6 month old sibling of Kingston, trapped at an abandoned house on King Ave...an exceptionally beautiful muted calico with a regal quality about her...still a bit nervous but will eat out of my hand...baby steps, but whoever wishes to make the effort to win her trust will have a real beauty of a kitten...

pic 4 - 8 are the 1 month old furbabies of mother mary...

pic 4) Miss Cinnamon ... this precious 1 month old tortie female has the the markings of a cinnamon swirl roll!...yummie :-)

pic 5) Misty dawn... this adorable 1 month old tortie female  is precocious and loves to explore and find adventures! wheee! :-)

pic 6) Miss sweetie cake...who can resist this sweet little face! ...a little 1 month old angel wrapped in calico fur!  just too cute for words... :-)

pic 7) Miss Sherbert... this little orange and white little 1 month old ball of fluff will remind you to go to the fridge and bring out the orange sherbert desert to share with your new little best friend! yea!!! :-)

pic 5)  Miss Creamsicle is another tastee treat unique in all the world... a muted light orange and cream 1 month old who is a delicate little furbaby who likes to snuggle...such a sweetie...who can resist this little "miracle" wrapped in such a delicious looking fur outfit... :-)

Contact Barbara barbwhite@netscape.com or phone 540-294-0132 to help, foster or adopt.

From Judi: Yeah, I love the "very geriatric" kitties -- that was the phrase one of my vets used of my beloved Lady, who was 20 years-4 months at her passing.  Attached is a photo of her at about 18 years old. The very oldest kitties are very special.   

Live from Vincent Video
Meet the Chickens


Tails of Trivia
Today in 1813 the first pineapples were planted in Hawaii.

This is Cuckoo Dancing Week

Music and Motion
Oh no, mom’s thinking about a diving trip - no no no I don’t wanna go .....


Good Times in the News
Churches are paying closer attention to connection between humans and animals
Factory farming, green living among topics sparking discussion Animal advocates gain ground in religious circles
June 06, 2010|By Lisa Black, Chicago Tribune reporter

In Genesis, the Lord created animals, said they were good and then gave man permission to eat them.  While not a universal belief, many Christians traditionally have embraced a biblical stance on animals as a source of companionship, food and labor, but not much else.  "We know from the Bible that God created animals, he cares about them intimately and he wants us to care about them," said Ben DeVries, 30, of Kenosha, Wis., who started a blog, "Not One Sparrow," to encourage his conservative Christian brethren to become more like shepherds than hunters.

During a time when people increasingly treat pets as family members, animal advocates are gaining ground in religious circles. DeVries is among a growing number of people of faith who have joined the appeal for help in promoting causes such as relocating homeless pets, preventing animal cruelty and investigating factory farming practices.  The Humane Society of the United States has started a faith outreach program that, within the past two years, has distributed 7,500 DVDs at church and college campuses on "Eating Mercifully." The DVD and booklets draw on Scripture to remind Christians of their duty to be good stewards of all God's creatures.

But defining what it means to treat animals with compassion ranges wildly across faiths and within denominations. For some, it means trying to end animal abuse, volunteering at an animal shelter, having their pet blessed or pushing for vegetarian diets.  Others seek to fulfill spiritual needs that go beyond a simple desire to treat animals with dignity and kindness. Some religious leaders welcome pets to worship services, memorialize them at death and discuss them as spiritual beings without distinction from humanity — the most controversial ideology and one that is not accepted by mainstream religious faiths.

Emerson Theological Institute, a "new thought" college based in Oakland, Calif., has started to ordain animal chaplains who tend to humans and their kindred pets. In Phoenix, a new, animal-centric church service for people and their (well-behaved) pets recently began.  Some Jewish rabbis celebrate a dog's coming of age with a "bark mitzvah."

Unity Church of Oak Park, offers annual pet blessings in October and memorials for pets who have "transitioned," or died.  "People have such close relationships with their animals," she said. "I think they enjoy finding a spiritual community that acknowledges that."

E. David Cook, a Wheaton College professor who has participated in animal rights discussions at Oxford University, said he believes that the green movement has raised Christian awareness about the environment and animal welfare.  Still, "evangelicals care deeply for the way animals are treated but that doesn't mean we worship animals or put them in front of human beings," Cook said. "If it's a choice between saving Granny and saving my poodle in the fire, Granny wins every time."

Catholic tradition has historically taken a warm view of animals, with pet blessings offered at many churches every October to honor St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and ecology.  Humans still remain top dog, but are not allowed to abuse or exploit animals.  "When we see these horrific things like the mass-produced pork or chickens, where the animal can't be free-ranging, that really does become abusive," said Sister Dawn Nothwehr, a nun and ethics professor at the Catholic Theological Union.  "We have to stop and ask a question — is that a legitimate way to deal with animals?"

Harvard University addresses some of those questions in a course on religion and animals, in which it refers to the intersection between man and beast as an emerging academic field.  Paul Waldau, who teaches the course, said that he believes more churches are paying closer attention to animals, especially as they concern relationships with humans.  "You find even some of the big church assemblies have started to condemn the problems with factory farming," said Waldau, whose nonprofit Animals and Religion Institute is based in Sherborn, Mass. "Those are hard not only on the pigs and the chickens but they are hard on the workers and communities."

DeVries, a native of Zion who studied theology at Trinity International University in Bannockburn, said he is careful to check his Bible for direction. Yet he believes that many Christians, at least in his own evangelical faith, have historically glossed over verses regarding animals and allowed – even perpetuated – their abuse and neglect.  He created his blog, "Not One Sparrow," as an outgrowth of his master's thesis at Trinity, and has since expanded it to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to the plight of abused or neglected animals. He does not consider himself an animal welfare advocate so much as a "Christian voice for animals".

Great Purrchases
Helen writes in: Sorry for the last minute info, but Harris Teeter is doubling coupons up to $1.98 face value until the end of today (Tuesday), so if you have coupons worth $1 or more, you could get good deals.  You would also need to have a "VIC" card - they're like an MVP card from Food Lion and are free.

Most kinds of Fancy Feast are "on sale" there through tomorrow, too, for $.60 per can.  Not the best price, maybe, but if you have a coupon, it probably would be a great price!

9 Lives 4 pack of 5.5 oz cans is $1.79
Friskies 5.5 oz cans are $0.45
Harris Teeter brand Your Pet 3 oz. cans are $0.35

For dogs:
Harris Teeter brand Your Pet 13.2 oz. cans are $0.57
(Several other brands on sale, but cost more)

I use Harris Teeter brand all the time and have no complaints.  I can buy a 17# bag of dry (my dogs eat that in about a week - no comparison to all of the animals at Rikki's!) for $9.99.  That's a big savings for me.  It's not the highest quality food out there in that it has grains and all, but my dogs are healthy and like it, so I can't dispariage it.

Maybe if someone will be in the direction of HT today or tomorrow....
They do this "super double coupons" thing about once a quarter.  Daily, they double up to $.99, so something on sale could end up being a good deal with a coupon.  Also, about 2x a year, they triple coupons.  If I catch wind of that, I'll try to pass the info quickly.

Hi Vincent - Walker here. My mom swears by Harris Teeter trash bags and she promised to stock up and bring a load down Saturday. Thanks for the tip!

Can’t make it in time to a Harris Teeter, I’ll hook up the goat cart if you’ll supply the dough!

I Love YOU

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