Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vote for the Animals

Not all of these contests benefit Life Unlimited of Virginia, Inc. and their divisions Rikki's Refuge and Wild and Feral directly. A benefit to the animal rescue world is a benefit to all of us. For each contest I'll tell you who will benefit and how. We believe in working with others aiming towards our goal of a better planet for all.  If you're running in a contest and would like to be displayed here, send me the details Vincent@RikkisRefuge.org

please help us critters win contests that help our worthy causes
all these are free to vote in, and quite simple and quick
help us make the world a better place
your vote makes a difference

The Animal Rescue Site - Shelter Challenge

Benefits:  Rikki's Refuge, a grant of $1,000 - $5,000 and  
                   named Number One Animal Facility in Virginia or if we win top prize 
                   Number One Animal Facility on the planet!  
When to vote: Every day from January 10 thru March 20 at midnight PST
How to vote: click here http://bit.ly/VoteVincent   
and enter Rikkis Refuge, Orange, VA, USA
follow the prompts and click to search, then click to vote, then identify the animal, be very simple, no complicated stuff, just tiger, bear, zebra, penguin, dog, cat and so forth, and click confirm.

Bissell MVP Contest
Guido Cat
week four: February 2-8 
Benefits:  Rikki's Refuge,  $1,000 - $10,000  
                 Guido, $25 Visa gift card, Bissell pet vacuum,
                         his photo on Bissell products and advertising
When to vote: Every day from February 2 thru February 8
Other info: You must register the first time you vote, 
                      as far as I know, I receive no junk mail from or because of them 
This contest runs for 12 weeks, different animals will be running each week, some representing Rikki’s, some not.  Vincent will run in week 5. February 9-15.  Please vote for Vincent’s friends in this contest as they are voting for him!  
                          and vote for Guido

LOOK Who You've Made a Winner !!!!!!
in the Bissell Contest
Week One
 Running for Rikki's Refuge
Zoe Marie Cuppiecake Peanut Spumoni
2nd Place !!!! 
I'm a blind cat who relies on my other senses to enjoy this world & I LOVE it! As a little spitfire who loves playing, giving love, having my picture taken, and dressing up proves no one is unadoptable!

Week Two
Running for Rikki's Refuge
Rockie Shirt Monster
2nd Place !!!! 
I was just a day old when I was found in the trunk of a car about to be shredded. I was born w/ corneal ulcers b/c I am missing parts of my upper eyelids. I wasn't supposed to survive. Thanks to my parents hard work & TLC -I am a healthy 10 month old!!

Week Three 
Jimmy Jet
4th Place !!!
Hi ! Jimmy Jet here but you can call me the Jamster! I was a stray kitten and lost my eyesight at 7 weeks old. Now in my furever home, I am super happy. I love to go to schools and events and teach people that being specially abled is super cool !


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