Monday, January 10, 2011


We are climbing!!! We are in the top 100 of the $50k for the Pepsi Challenge! We want to share Timmy's story with as many people as possible, so the higher we climb, the more people will learn about harmful flea & tick products that cause needless suffering for tens of thousands of cats & dogs each year. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! Don't forget to vote daily!!!

How often??? VOTE DAILY text 104450 to Pepsi (73774) and/or

We put together a link of voting partners. You may need to cut and paste this into your browser as we added a few. Voting partners (and Timmy Tour) will show up on one page for you. It's easiest to open these in a new window so you can leave a comment at the bottom of their voting pages. IF YOU DON'T LEAVE A COMMENT, THEY WON'T KNOW WHO TO SEND VOTES BACK TO. (Namely Timmy Tour text 104450)

To cut and paste: WINDOWS: Highlight the link by dragging your cursor over the entire link (back to front is easiest) while holding down your left mouse button. Once highlighted, CONTROL+C to copy. Go to your web browser and put your cursor into the address box. CONTROL+V to paste and hit enter. FOR MAC: Do the same, but use APPLE+C and APPLE+V instead of CONTROL.

To open the links into a new window or tab: Put your cursor over the name of the idea and in WINDOWS right click your mouse. A menu will pop up. Choose the option to open link in new window or new tab. For MAC simply press and hold the Apple key and click your mouse. The window will open up automatically.


Again thank you so much for sharing and voting. It means a lot and we can do this! We can raise awareness of Timmy's story and help others not have the issues he has. One Pet At A Time!

~ The Under Secretary for Timmy Affairs

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Tiny Timmy said...

Thank you so muchly for posting dis!!! We is going back up in da right direction and da top 100 move into da last month of voting automatically!!! *headbonks* And special NOMasDay to Vincent!