Friday, July 13, 2007

4,931 Cans of Cat Food Arriving

4,931 of Cat Food Arriving
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But when you divide it between 638 cats, that's only 7.73 ounces each. About the equivalent of one can of regular cat food plus one can the size of the Fancy Feast. Most of the cats here consider that far less than a full day's meal.

But the cupboards are bare of dry and at approximately 1:57 p.m. on Monday one of the 638 cats will reach into the food bowl for a bite, and get the last morsel. Where will dinner come from? 1,257 little eyes are looking at you (we have 17 one eye-ed cats, and Little Charlie was born with none) and pleading for salvation.

The dog pantry is full of dry and they have offered to share with the cats. Especially since Vincent forfeited his spoils as the winner of the Spring Fundraiser, and donated it all to the dogs. Who by the way, have most generously, helped many of the animals at Rikki's Refuge pay for their food and medical care. Even though this is a most generous offer, the cats are disgusted at the very thought of eating dawg food.

But the dogs are begging for canned. Around here, it sure seems like you can't please anybody any at the time! The dogs say they know it is summer, and they know most of them are fat, but they still don't want to give up their canned breakfast. By Wednesday they will have eaten the last morsel of canned dog food. Big Lots has six cans of Alpo for $2.50, and the dogs like it.

Please help by making a donation of food or money to Rikki's Refuge or coming out to volunteer.

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