Friday, July 13, 2007

Take Miner Home !

Take Miner Home !
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Miner is now 10 weeks of age and the sweetest baby girl in the whole wide world! Weighing in at a meager 2 lbs, she has a big purrsonality and a lot of determination! She was hit by a car a couple of weeks ago and brought to the shelter with a broken right front leg. She hopped about in her big red cast until this morning when she was given her freedom to move around (giving herself a bath was her first order of business!).

She has permanent nerve damage and may or may not require amputation in the future. Basically, when she was run over, her leg went one way and her body another so that the nerves are permanently damaged and her tendon stretched. Despite this, Miner runs and plays with the best of them and is quite the active child! Social with other cats and with nice dogs, she loves attention and wants to be "with" her people!

She flips over for belly rubs and she purrs frequently and loudly! Miner is looking for a loving home where she will always be spoiled and can live an indoor life. She would prefer to have at least one other animal (or more!) in the household with whom to play and snuggle. She would benefit greatly from some physical therapy.

Please take her home today, contact Beth Hamilton, at the Orange County Animal Shelter 540-671-1124 or

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