Sunday, June 14, 2015

Timmy's Birthday Message

Hi, I’m Timmy. 

I’m Opie’s older brother, but I get ignored a lot. 

I’m not famous like Opie. I hide under the couch, under the desk, behind the door. I’m scared of anything strange. 

YOU aren’t strange, are you? 

The world is very scary. 

When I was a baby I was riding with somebody in a car. I wasn’t scared then. But they tossed me out the window. 

Ouch. I was hurt real bad, and that’s when I started to be scared. 

I was all scraped up. My back legs were hurt and twisted. 

I can’t walk very well on them. But I sure can scoot around !!! I do love to play with my kitty friends, and I can climb just as high as they can by pulling with my front feet.  

When they found me after the car accident, some people tried to heal me. And my cuts went away and my fur grew back. 

But my legs didn’t get as good as they wanted ... so they wanted to kill me ... and I got more scared ... kill me ? Like make me dead? Why? 

They said nobody would want a kitty who couldn’t walk just like everybody else. I was so scared. 

Would they throw me out the car again to kill me? Was it going to hurt just as bad again?  

Then almost four years ago I came to Rikki’s Refuge. 

I was so scared in the long car ride. I was so scared I’d go out that window again. I huddled down and hid my head. Somebody held me tight and whispered it’d be ok. 

OK? Ok what? to be killed, to be tossed out the window and hit that hard road and have my legs broken and my fur torn off? 

Would anything ever be ok for me?  

And when we arrived at Rikki’s Refuge, I met Vincent. He was really nice to me. He explained about being differently abled, and he told me I could work with him. 

WORK with him!! 

Nobody here at Rikki’s Refuge wanted to kill me !! They all loved me just for who I was. 

I got lots of physical therapy and I got to getting around better and better. 

Vincent adopted me and became my daddy. 

He’d been in a car accident when he was a young kitty too and he’d lost a leg. We scooted around just alike!!  

I’d only been there a few weeks when Opie came.  You see I was there first .... but he got to be more famous. He’s always running out to meet strangers. 

Opie was born with no back feet. Vincent taught him how to get around too. We all used to have fun together. Be so happy together. 

Yeahh we were happy.  

But before me and Opie were even one year old, daddy Vincent died. He’d had kidney problems and he went to the rainbow bridge, and he left me and Opie in charge. 

And now we do the best we can running Rikki’s. 

And we teach humane education. That scares me lots though, so I don’t go out to schools anymore. 

I tried to get used to riding in a car to go visit kids at schools, but it was so scary. I just can’t get that terror of laying in the road, all helpless, waiting for another car to come and run me over and squish me flat. 

I know mom says I’m safe in my car seat. But I just can’t get used to it.  

And new people scare me too. What if one of them didn’t like me cuz of my legs and wanted to kill me? 

So I like to stay home and play with my sibs here at Rikki’s Refuge.  

And I have a real sad. 

June 10th was my birthday. 

My great big number FOUR Birthday .... and nobody remembered. 


Opie promised to have a party for me but he forgot too. 

I guess I’m just so quiet and shy nobody would come to my party.  

Would YOU come to my party? 

Would you bring a case of nums for me? 

I’ll share with all my friends. I’m not like Opie and all greedy and want to num it all up. I share. I’m very nice about that. 

Mom got me a case for $8.85 and says she will go out and get all the cases you want to bring to my party !!!! 

You just sign up for a case ... or even half a case if that’s easier for you .... right here .... and be sure to comment that it’s for Timmy’s Birthday ... and


YES YOU and ME ... 


Thank you very much for loving me, because I love you whole lots, Timmy  

.... scoots back under the couch to see who’ll come to his party ......

(For electronic donations, please note that your gift is for TIMMY'S BIRTHDAY! If you mail a donation, please write that it is for Timmy on the memo!)
3. MAIL (check or money order): PO Box 1357, Orange VA. 22960
(You can also order food to be shipped directly to us if you prefer to give this way!)
Thank you for helping Rikki's Refuge and Timmy!


Lori Zahara said...

Hello, I just sent over a donation for Timmy's birthday however it didn't allow me to add any note to the payment?
I just wanted to be sure to let you know this is in memory of my LuLu I lost last thursday 6/11/15 to a hit an run driver.
It was very hard to read Timmy's story without shedding tears again.
I send lots of love your way! I wish I could hug every at at your shelter!
Thank you for all you do.
Lori Zahara

rikkicat said...

Thank you, Lori. I'm sorry for your loss :(

rikkicat said...

PS: Don't worry about LuLu. I'll look after her in Heaven -- so will Vincent and Bandit and the rest of the gang already here.