Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Haunted Forest

by Katarina

Not scared yet?  You can see watch the segments of a full trip thru the Haunted Forest on youtube.

Thank you all for coming out to visit and for volunteering for the Haunted Forrest! You made it super scary this year! All the actors were so awesome! You really out did yourselves.


                                                                  We loved having our wolf man back, thank you James!

The zombies were REALLY creepy.

Adam it was great to see you out there and you awesome popping out from under the bridge. Robyn, you were a fantastic tour guide and at least one person I spoke with told me she didn't recognize you at all =o).

Dawn, thank you for coming out and helping with the zombie make up and adding cuts and scabs to people!

The big huge scary gorilla (our own Sean Sandy!),

Clown, dead prom queen, and masked demon were great additions to the group this year.

And of course, Fred you were a very velcoming vampire guide.

Thank you ladies and gentleman for helping to sign people in and send them in the direction of the woods.

Wait!  What's that on Helen's shoulder?  We don't have any pink kitties!
Yikes, you won't see me hanging out in Rabbit Rotunda after dark anymore!

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