Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Fall Furr Festival

by Katarina
We definitely have a wonderful group of people volunteering at Rikki's Refuge. Each of you made a huge impact on the success of the Fall Furr Festival!  Great big thank you to John Longtin, Jan Chetnik, Bob Wallace, Laurie Karnay, Terri Hederer, Lori and Alyse Beltethon, Ron, Dennis and Crystal, Laurie Kovalik and Shanon and her husband, Dawn, Kali, Melissa and Ed, Fred, Jenny Squires, Erin and Michaila, Victor and Kevin, Lori and Tere, Jessica Cox, Nora Eldridge, Mariza, Robyn, and Girl Scout Troop 954.  Downtown Nail and Hair Salon was a game sponsor.

The Big Red Dog and the Petco Team set up a booth and made a big donation and raffle basket.

Mmmmm Mmmmmm Natural Balance, hmmmmmm, for my picture on the label, I could switch!!!

Thank you all for helping to set up in the ridiculous wind! You were awesome chasing everything down, then taping everything down!   Jan, outstanding PR for the event!!!   Thank you wonderful tour guides, Fred, Mariza, Laurie, Victor, Ed, Jessica!

Running the game booths was so much fun. The kids loved playing and winning prizes. Thank you for helping all the munchkins. Thank you to the girls scouts who helped run most of the games.

Bob the hay rides were a HUGE hit! Everyone loved being able to see the beautiful scenery around the refuge.

Thank you Nora for doing massages for the benefit of the refuge. I know those who won your gift certificates will put them to good use.

Dawn your face painting was so good! The kids loved it! You totally have a gift and I hope it takes you far.

Melissa and Robyn thank you so much for organizing and selling at the gift shop and bake sale.

Betty is a great Sales Cat!

                                                                                                                Hey! Did he pay his $3?

Logging the donations and directing traffic kept Ron, Dennis, and Crystal busy. Thank you all for doing this very important task!

Boogz and Molly did a great job working as donation dogs!

We raised money for the animals and got lots of food donations too. Job well done everyone!

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