Friday, May 20, 2011

Earl Worick Gourd Art Showing

Theresa Spears Presents
Earl Worick’s Personal Art Gallery
May 21  5-8 pm
22319 Lahore Rd, Orange Va 22960
Earl Worick  540-854-7348

Earl’s works are constructed from gourds!

It is my utmost pleasure to personally invite you to a special showing of this unique art at the home of Earl Worick.  Please join us for an evening of hors d’ oeuvres and leisurely enjoyment of Earl’s artistry.  His outstanding collection has been in the making for fifty-some years.  His knowledge and perception in multiple aspects of art set him aside from many artists who specialize in one particular style.  Earl grew up in a world that he viewed differently from his peers.  He visualized most everything in a dissimilar light from those around him, and this strange view only enhanced his basic ideas that resulted in art of a special nature.

Gourds - not JUST for Halloween

Over eleven years of military and civilian assignments in the Far East, plus thirty-some years in California further improved his perception of art in many and unsuspected ways.  The result of it all culminates in his remarkable collection of art in gourds and wood that he proudly displays at his residence.

Each Piece the artist has on display is one-of-a-kind and not for sale.

Three pieces of art will be given for door prizes

Please RSVP by Phone or Email to
Therese Spears of LaRue DeBeaute
540-672-5336, 540-672-0632,

Very close to Rikki’s Refuge and a purrfect after work exhibit for our volunteers!!! 
Donations for Vincent’s Cat Food Fund and Rikki’s Refuge will be accepted.

See More of Earl’s work here:

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