Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Memorial to Sam

Memorial to Sam

We only print good news here.  And Sam was a good cat and his story was a good example of exactly why Rikki’s Refuge is here and who we are here to serve.  An old man with glaucoma so bad his left eye seemed about to pop out his head, his owners abandoned him at a pound several years ago.  Somebody at Winging Cat Rescue has a heart for old folks and they pulled him out the pound.  He traveled 800 miles to come to Rikki’s Refuge.

The second his carrier opened, after that long long ride, he took one look at mom, snuggled up to her, climbed up to her shoulders, rubbed her face, and then got down and said, “So could I use a litter box now Please?”  After that, “Where’s dinner served around here?” 

That Friday mom took him to meet our Doctor Meredith Vargas.  She said YIKES look at that eye, we’ve got to try and save it quick.  She ordered several different type of drops and gave mom the run down, this one every three hours, that one every two, this one every four, and so on.  Every hour he was supposed to have one of the drops in that eye.  If you can do it round the clock till we get the swelling down it’d be best, the doc said, can you do that?  Of course we can, said mom, thinking, well who needs to sleep anyway!  How long do you think it will take?  Come back Monday!  Monday, just a few days and we’re expecting a miracle?

And sure enough by Monday the swelling was very much down and the frequency of the drops started to get dropped. After a couple weeks it was only one type of drops, twice a day.  Sam hated his drops.  He’d try to hide, but soon as it was done, he’d be fine.  He didn’t hold grudges! 

 Sam was like mom’s shadow.  He was stuck to mom for the rest of his life.  He followed her around, sat on her lap when she was on the computer, rode on her shoulders around the farm.  Always there with her.  If she was off the property, it’d be hard to find Sam.  But the minute she drove up, there he was, Merow Merow Mom.  He slept curled around her head and when he was feeling extra loving across her face.  She’d wake up with her nose and eyes and mouth full of fur, and he wouldn’t think it was fair to have to move over a bit.  As soon as mom fell asleep, he’d be right back on her face.  If mom was away for a night, he’d sleep on her pillow and sulk.  Often she’d take him with her if she had to be away.

 Sam was the best mouser ever.  He’d sit still in bed, we’d hear one rustle, and Sam would bolt and you’d just hear about three crunches.  He’d even lick the floor clean. Then jump back in bed, wash his face and paws and go back to sleep.  He loved them mousies. 

Some times one would walk thru the blower on the furnace, yikes. It’d be killed instantly and it’d put the blower off balance and then it’d quite and the gas would shut off and we’d all get cold.  Mom would have to take the furnace apart to get the mouse out.  Sam would stand by thinking mom was a great hunter, and she’d toss the dead mouse to him!

 Sam got along with everybody.  Even Snickers let him share her loft.  Just last week he was still climbing up and down the ladder to the loft.  Though it was about Thanksgiving time we saw him slowing down and getting skinny.  His kidneys had been bad since his arrival and he got sub-q fluids daily.  Twice a day since September. 

We think Sam was about 21 years old.  And his last years were very happy ones.  He seemed to have no scars from his early years.  The last few days he just slowed down, until yesterday, he passed over to the Rainbow Bridge, quietly and gently and on his own.  I know he didn’t want to leave mom, but there’s a time we all must go.  These bodies just aren’t meant to last forever.  Mom will be listening out for Sam and knows she’ll hear him from time to time.

And that’s just what Rikki’s Refuge is here for - to offer love and life long haven to those who’ve been thrown away by the ones they loved.   We love you Sam! 

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