Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Meet Sally the Goat

Sally is So Funny

Sally is the fattest goat on the planet.  Like little dogs who think they can rule.  Sally thinks she can fit into small places.  Sally CAN’T fit into small spaces without causing damage or getting stuck.  Last night Sally decided to sleep in a dog igloo.  Sally doesn’t fit in a dog igloo.  At least not without a LOT of pushing and shoving. 

She picked her house and shoved her head inside.  She then shoved and shoved.  And shoved some more.  She simply wasn’t going in.  Though she was slowly pushing the dog house across the yard.  This was occurring about midnight last night.  Finally she shoved hard enough and long enough that she got the igloo against a building and could then get some really good traction to shove even more.

Mom was tempted to set up the tripod and leave it out to video tape.  BUT she knew better.  The camera would end up on the INSIDE of Sally.  And that’s not very good for it’s future functioning.  And mom was just too lazy to stop the chores she was trying to finish up and sit down and film herself.  I wasn’t about to sit out there in the middle of the night filming with my tail freezing! 

Next time mom walked by Sally had the shoulders in the dog house and just stuck out from the enormous belly on. 

A while later there was only a tail sticking out.  And later still her nose.  How on earth she turned around is a total mystery.

About 2 am mom was begging old Sam to eat an egg.  That’s about all he’ll eat now.  He didn’t want his (late) midnight snack.  So mom scrambled it up cuz Ting Ting likes scrambled eggs.  When she walked past to take it to Ting Ting, Sally stood up and burst the igloo apart, separating the top from the bottom, and with the top part stuck on her back, took off after mom to get that egg!

Mom escaped with her life and the egg.  And then Ting Ting was missing!  Mom looked all over and couldn’t find her.  She loves to climb to the highest place possible and mom thought she’d looked everywhere.  She gave up.  But this morning at 5:30 Ting Ting was found sleeping way up high, right near the ceiling on top of a bin on top of the cages.  She stuck her head down when breakfast cans started opening.  Mom gave her her COLD egg then!  And she gobbled it up.

I love eggs too.  I can’t figure out how to open them like the dogs do.  Sometimes they’re lucky to have really big mouths!!!

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