Monday, December 27, 2010

Obama and Dog Poo

News and information from The Animal Rescue Site
President Obama admits 
he cleans up after his dog

World leaders - they're just like us! According to CBS News, President Obama recently admitted that he never fails to clean up after his dog.

The nation's 44th President spoke with a group of elementary school students who broached the subject of his adorable pup, Bo.

"Sometimes I have to scoop up his poop, because I don't want to just leave it in the lawn!" he told the children. "If you guys have a dog, you've got to walk your dog, too - and clean up after him."

The Obamas welcomed Bo, a Portuguese water dog, into the White House over a year ago after the President promised his daughters that they could get a puppy. The canine was chosen because of his hypoallergenic coat, a necessary feature for Malia Obama, who has allergies to the animal.

Most states have laws stating that pet owners who do not clean up after their pooch may face a hefty fine. Because of this, parents of dogs are advised to carry a pooper scooper with them at all times.

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