Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Calf Blown to Safety

TV News Helicopter Blows Stranded Calf Across Icy Pond

from: The Blaze

WATONGA, Oklahoma — SkyNews9 and pilot Mason Dunn came to the rescue once again for a stranded animal; this time for a calf stuck on the ice.

A rancher near Watonga called News 9 for help after his calf became stuck in the middle of an iced-over pond. Howard and Joan Hursh said they remembered seeing Mason rescue an animal years ago that was stranded on the ice, but couldn’t believe he flew out to Watonga to save their calf.

Mason used the wind from the helicopter’s rotor blades to push the calf back to safety. The ice eventually cracked, but the wind from the blades was enough to get the struggling calf back to shore.

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