Friday, December 24, 2010

Beauty and KiKi

And I was worried about Grandma getting run over by the reindeer but Mama and ME almost got eated by the security dogs!!
After running errands late and picking up the 4 wd trooper, we came home in a vehicle that didn’t should familiar to Beauty and Kiki.

Mom was surprised nobody came to greet us.  She opened her door not knowing anybody was even there and Beauty took her arm and growling and started pulling her out.  Mom was so startled that she screamed and KiKi jumped up in her face really snarling.  As soon as mom could talk calm and say, “it’s ok girls, it’s me girls, it’s ok” they got all friendly and tail waggy.

Well that sure answers mom’s question - what would they really do if they didn’t know who showed up at night.  When we’re home and mom goes out to see somebody who drove up after dark, Beauty is on her left and KiKi on her right and they are snarling like they mean bad business.  They make mom feel very safe at night. 

They know the sound of mom’s truck, but hearing the trooper was different, so they slunk up from behind just waiting to capture who ever got out first.  I’m sure glad it was mom, they might of swallowed me whole !!!!

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