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January 6, 2018

January 6, 2018 - Opie's Diary of Daily Doings at Rikki's Refuge

Early in the morning .... with not much sun ...  Beauty says, "I don't care if you hoomans is already workin ... I'm not ...  I'm stayin in here till the sun comes out nice and strong!"  

You can tell it's real early by the loooong shadows ....   hoomans make really big long shadows when the sun is low.  It's finally warming up enough with the sun to come out and collect a little solar energy!

Even Betty casts a long shadow.  Betty loves the outdoors no matter what.  She says it hasn't been anywhere near cold enough to be forced to stay inside.  A good thick layer of fat .... just like me .... and super thick fur ...  and she really loves it outside. 

Though don't tell I told on her .... last night she did come in for a little while!!!

All faces point towards the sun !

The sun has drawn Beauty out into it's beauty !!!   Oh the SUN out bestest friend on these cold cold days !!

And it's CATURDAY !!!!! 

You know what that means, don't you?

It's Donation Drop off at the Life Center !!!

And look what I got?  Can YOU guess what this is?

It's a whole pallet of litter to fill my boxes so I have something to poo in and it will last a whole week !!!!!!

Only $244 a week .... YOU too could support my habit !!!!!

What goes in .... must come out !!!!

Did you know you can do recurring monthly donations?  And that really helps us out.  When we know you're going to help us one day a month, it really means a lot.  Why don't YOU pick a day and sign up so every month day that month you fill our boxes with nice clean fresh litter !!!  

It's only $32 for one day .....  that's a little easier if 30 of you would each chip in every month !!!!

And Next !!! 

Somebody brought me a washer and dryer !!!!! So I don't never got to sleep in no dirty bed !!!! Isn't that nice !!!!

We run 15-20 loads of laundry a day ....  WOW that's a lot !!!!   But we all like nice clean beds.  That means washers and dryers just don't last so very long.  Even brand new ones wear out pretty quick.  So if you're getting new ones just cus you want to ....  please donate your old ones to us.  We like old things!  You can have the new ones and your old ones can come live with us for the rest of their lives!  Just like us aminals !!

We even have nice big strong hoomans right here on site to unload heavy things for you !!!

YOU too can bring donations of all sorts to me on Saturdays ... yes that's right, every Saturday ... from noon to 2 pm at the Vincent D. Cat Memorial Life Center !!!!!   The gates are open during Donation Drop off ....   you'll find is right at the corner of Rt 20 (21410 Constitution Hwy) and Quarterhorse Lane !!! 

And while your dropping off donations, you can visit with the kitties in the Life Center and the goats and sheep and horses and cows outside.  Bring apples and carrots too !!!    It's not a full blown tour ...  but you can stop and feed them and pat them over the fence at the Life Center. 

And don't forget some Fancy Feast for me !!

WHAT's that coming?

It's nummy (well I don't think so but them vegavoirs do) hay !!!

Madison and Lucy get to share a bale!

 One big bale is bigger than the goats and sheep ....  but they'll still eat it all gone .... real quick !!

Nobody messes with Freckles' hay !!!

And then we watched the temperatures drop and drop and drop ....   all the way down to 1 degree just about midnight ....   brrrrrr  ....   hurry up warmer weather .... we miss you !!!!

Love, Opie   

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