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January 24, 2018

 January 24, 2018 - Opie's Diary of Daily Doings at Rikki's Refuge
                                                                                                            photo compliments of Doug Deal
Another beautiful day in paradise !!!

                                                                                                       photo compliments of Clarence Deal
Gracie and CJ were slow coming out for breakfast.  They'd just decided to sleep in a little.  They look fine.  We'll check back in a bit when the sun's up more and it's a bit less crisp out !!
                                                                                                                photo compliments of Doug Deal
Big Ben slept against the water faucet hoping to be the first for a drink in the morning.  There are bowls of water all over .... but the faucet is the best !!!!

After a long drink ....

                                                                                                               photo compliments of Doug Deal
He just turned around and with his head propped on the drainer, he went back to sleep !!!
Guess it was a long hard night sleeping squished back on the sink like that !
                                                                                                            photo compliments of Doug Deal
HAY and a good morning to YOU too !!!   May you have a mooooovolous day !!!

                                                                                                               photo compliments of Doug Deal 

What's it with water this morning?  Titan can't wait for a fresh refill, he's gotta start drinking as soon as it's all scrubbed out and the hose goes in !!!!
                                                                                            photo compliments of Clarence Deal
Num num num ....  most everybody rushes to their breakfast ....  crowding around their bowls and platters.   Oh ... there's a gap there?  Who's that for ?

                                                                                                       photo compliments of Clarence Deal
Shadow!  Every morning they save her a place, while she holds back a couple paces, bows her head and says grace, asking for a special blessing for those who donated her food today. 

YOU too can be in Shadow's prayers !!

                                                                                                        photo compliments of Katie Terrill
Get lost goatface !  Go pull your goatcart .... THIS here machine is the CAT MOBILE ..... I gotz the keys and it's all MINE !!!   Headed for the all you can eat sushi buffet !!!  See ya round !  Goliath (aka Rikki's Siamese thug kitty !!)

                                                                                                          photo compliments of Katie Terrill
 ALL you can eat?  But .... but ....  don't they have seaweed for me too ????

                                                                                     photo compliments of Cindy Wright
Mr. Nibbles ....  happy day !!!  Cindy came with treats and nums !!!
                                                                                                   photo compliments of Catina Tomapat
Chevy helps with the laundry ....   he likes his bed nice and warm !!!!

Don't worry !!!  Time to fold and door opened and Chevy jumped in!  He'll come out with the laundry, everyone here knows to be oh so careful about any open door to anything ....  dryer, washer, refrigerator, cabinet .... if you open it, somebody can get in, and they must be safely removed before closing. 

Once upon a time we had a really cool cat named Ting-Ting.  She got adopted.  She was so much fun and always into something new and crazy.  In the summer she'd jump in the fridge and get way to the back and really fight about being pulled out.  One cool cat !!!!   She was from Nepal and we figured didn't think much or hot Virginia summers !!!
                                                                                               photo compliments of Rick Sharp
Dixie helping with medical charting !!!!  

Dixie is one of our miracle kitties.  She came as an orphaned kitten with issues.  Very sickly, stayed tiny and thin.  We didn't think she'd survive long on the planet.  She'd recover from one problem and another would come along.  We were resolved to help her be well, but expect her to only have a short life.  Had something happened before she came, was her mother really sick before she was born, did she have bad genes?  We didn't know.  We loved her. 

She struggled along till she was about two years old.  How many times one of us stayed up all night holding her, expecting her to pass over the Rainbow Bridge.  She was still about 4 month old size, thin fur, boney, pathetic looking, but very happy and running and playing in between her bouts of illnesses. 

Then suddenly at two she started gaining weight, growing, her fur grew in lush and thick and she's been healthy ever since !!!!   Thank you god for giving us the feeling that we should keep trying and keep trying and keep trying !!! 

Dixie now runs and plays and climbs trees and greets visitors.  She's had several good healthy years.  We pray she has many more.  If she isn't granted that, she's known love and happiness and great good feeling health for longer now than she had in sickly years !!!  

I think she would have opted to stay alive and have the chance to thrive !!!

                                                                                        photo compliments of Catina Tomapat
WHO invited you in here hooman?  Back out and mind your own business. 

Jasmine in the sink .... every chance she gets ....  is a feisty little girl of the kind we call Friendly Biters.  What?, you're probably thinking, how do you be friendly AND bite.   There are some kitties who can be super nice loving really cool kitties, until the fancy strikes and they chomp on what ever hooman body part is available, generally with out warning, and with out pattern.  

We love our Friendly Biters !!  They are super challenging to make friends with, so much fun to see how long you can play with them before you bet bit !!!!   Some people think we're crazy .... I don't know why ....  

Cleopatra you may remember from a couple years ago.  She came from Egypt for therapy after a serious head injury.  She healed physically, though with a curve in her face, but it doesn't bother her and it doesn't bother us !!!  

She still has periods of confusion and requires extra understanding and hoomans who know when to approach and when not to. 

These two became inseparable after their first meeting.  Sometimes I think one of our residents suddenly recognizes a soul mate in a new comer!!! 

                                                                                           photo compliments of Clarence Deal
Valerie says, come on over and visit and hang out with me !!!!

                                                                             photo compliments of Catina Tomapat
Volvo way up in a tree for the first time since his accident !!!!   

You can read about Volvo's story in my January 19th diary post.  He came to us after a serious car accident that inflicted a lot of brain injury. 

We're so proud of him and how hard he's worked to be a cat again !!!! 

                                                                                                              photo compliments of Doug Deal
Evening is coming and the temps are back up to the sleeping on roofs instead of under roofs !!

Have you noticed how it's getting light earlier and dark later !!!   Love that !!!

                                                                                                               photo compliments of Doug Deal
Good night .....   you can count my sheep tonight .....

Love, Opie 

thank you for making it all possible !

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