Sunday, October 19, 2014

Good Morning Good News !!!! October 19, 2014

BeBe, her husband Bub, elderly sheep Joseph Conrad and
elderly goat Uncle-Paul enjoy a hand out on tour day!!

Thank you
for your continued prayers BeBe our very elderly donkey.  It’s been touch a go a few times and we know she’s very fragile.  She’s having really good days now.  Keep up those prayers !!

....Winter is comin ... and there aren’t so many bugs .....
but Iz still scared bout getting bugz ....  You ever gotted da bugz?  It be really bad!  Yeah.  It’s like itchy and all.  Even just a couple make you feel all itchy and antsy and wonderin where they gonna bite you next.  Yikes ...  I hate da bugs. 

But guess what?  I heard mom sayin that wez out of stinky drops to make da bugz stay off us.  I real worried about this.  Cuz I don’t want no bugs on me.  No sireeee I do not. 

Oh, please .... don’t let the fleaz on me ...  Love, Casanova

I don’t like dem icky stinky drops either ....  but if I gotta stink for a couple dayz to have no bugz for like 30 more days ...  well I guess it’s one of dose tings mom calls da lesser of da two evils, huh? 

So I was gonna load up da goat cart and go to the trade ‘em green stuff
 for icky flea dropz store ..... 
but then I founded out why mom be upset bout bein out a da icky make da bugz go way drops.  The trade ‘em green stuff for icky flea dropz store wants lots and lots of green stuff to keep the fleaz off mez !!!!  I mean like lotsz. 

I’m sittin on the desk and stayin off the ground ...
I don’t think the fleas can get to me up here,
do you?  Love, Timmy

So .... I guess maybe I did a bad thing .....  I got one for me and one for Timmy ....   but ... I didn’t have nuf green stuff for efurbody else.  I mean ... I know dey hate da bugz too .... but ...  well Iz the one who hooked up da goat cart and made da goats take to da trade ‘em green stuff for icky flea dropz store ......  and I even had to ride a little bit in da rain ... and .... well ......

Did that pesky cat say FLEAS?

Ok ... so mom’s sorta right I guess.  I be selfish ....  didn’t I ?  Now Iz be feelin guilty .....  I can no get da drops off and try and share ‘em ... Iz been rubbin all up and down on efurbody trying to share da drops ... but it not a workin. 
WHAT?  I’m going to get FLEAS? ...  Save ME, Love Dudley

I so worried all my furiends is gonna get da bugz and it be all my faultz ... I feelin real guilty now ... but I still glad I not a gonna itch .....  

Did you meet Little Mack? 
He was left at the emergency clinic one night to be killed.
His owner said he’d been in a terrible dog fight and three days later it was worse,
not better and poor Little Mack couldn’t even stand up now. 
The owner had to move the next day and couldn’t take a dog,
and nobody was going to take an injured dog,
so sorry Little Mack ... but you’re done for.  
Well Little Mack got lucky,
the emergency doctor fixed up his rotting wounds
and he came to Rikki’s. 
He’s almost all healed up now and a very happy little dog. 
Soon he’ll need to be neutered, when the last wound is totally healed. 
But in the meantime he sure don’t want no fleas!!

I did some math, and that’s hard, cuz my toes and fingers only goes to ten, and Sylvestra too, but Socrates helped with 14, Snickers, she wouldn’t help at all, she just growl, so maybe we don’t give her the dropz ever, what you think? 
Did you say fleas?  Opie, if I get fleas ..... 
you got an idea what’s gonna happen to YOU ? 
Any idea you pesky little cat?  Snarls, Snickers.

Anyway lots of us put toes and fingers together and counted and counted and den looked at how much green stuff da trade ‘em green stuff for icky flea dropz store wanted for EACH little ... I mean dey be very little ... bottle of no-buz-stinky-stuff ....  n we counted us again ... and Iz feelin so guilty I even counted Snickers .... and I counted all the dawggies too .... but catz get no-buz-stinky-stuff first ... ok ?  That be ok, right?  I not be bad cat to look out for my really really very own first, then look out for my own but different next, huh?
ALL need flea drops EVERY month ALL year round !!!

So anyway ... I gonna hav giv dat trade ‘em green stuff for icky flea dropz store $1,842 if n dey gonna give me no-buz-stinky-dropz for ALL of us ....  Yeah ....  and that be for ONE MONTH .....   Ick ....  That could buy me so much Fancy Feast .....  but ... Iz think it’s a sacrifice Iz really gotta make .....  for everybody ...  even Snickers and all the dawggies ... even da ones that growl at me ....  I mean havin da bugs livin on you is pretty icky ... and dat be nuf to be makin em snarl and growl ... so maybe if I let em have no-buz-stinky-stuff dey won’t be so snarly and growly?

We’re sniffing around trying to help that pesky cat
find the green stuff to buy the flea drops from us ..... 
I think we need YOUR help .... 
in the meantime .... 
the Shelter Challenge is back !!! 
So please take a second to VOTE for
Thank you Moose and Oscar, we LOVE you !!

What you think .....  you gotz any ideaz how I can find nuf green stuff to hurry quick and get no-buz-stinky-stuff for everybody?  Dey need da drops like NOW ......   Mom said I can’t buy da real cheap stuff cuz it be dangerous and might hurt us .. maybe kill us ... even hurt us more dan da bugz ....   so I gotz very strict orders dat I canz only buy Advantage or Frontline for us .....   she say specially catz getz real problems with some gridents in some products and they can hab seizures and awful stuff.  So I guess I gonna listen to her ....  even for Snickers .....
NO !!  We CAN’T be out of flea drops !! 
Can we ??
Click my shoulders, right where the drops go,
and keep ME from getting fleas !!  Please !!  Love, Grinch

If you gotz any ideaz where I can find da green stuff to buy no-buz-on me-stinky-stuff please tell me ... ....  $1,842 is a really big huge number ...  it only be $3 for each one of us .... 
I’m Mandy and I’m hiding out in THIS green stuff
till I got flea drops ....  will you help ME? 
Please click my shoulders, right where the drops go,
and keep ME from getting fleas !!

So maybe you could adopt some of us !!  Hey dat would solve da problem, if you dopted all my brofurs and sisfurs and then I got my drops AND I’d getz all da numz too !!!!  Wow that be the bestest deal !!!!   So you call mom if you wanna dopt somebody so I don’t gotta find nuf green stuff to get them da dropz ....
All lined up and waiting for flea drops ......  
YES, you’ve seen this photo floating around the web ....  the picture was taken right here in the 9th Life Retirement, Assisted Living and Psychiatric Center at Rikki’s Refuge ... it’s early one morning, about 4 am, and mom snuck in and got the photo before turning on the lights.  She’d worked on getting this shot for over a year, sneaking and trying to catch everybody before they woke up and started begging for breakfast and jumping down to greet her ....  finally one day ...  SUCCESS !!!  And it’s now the most famous photo of Rikki’s on the planet !!!

If you can help me find $3 to get da drops for one brofur kitty or one sisfur kitty or one brofur dawggie or one sisfur dawggie .... I really be thankin you ....   and they be too.  For every time they not be scratching, they be sayin to you THANK YOU for keepin da bugz off me this month !!!

Maybe you can help me ....   pleaz ... you just click on my donation can ......  OK?

I’ll kiss YOU too
if you’ll get flea drops for that pesky cat and shut him up .... 
we need hay and grain for winter
and everybody is always listening to THAT cat !!!

This may be the ONLY time you’ll hear me
tellin you to listen to that pesky cat ... 
Please help us dawggies get flea drops, only $3 each !! 

If we get fleas, I won’t be allowed to visit
our adoring fans, cuz it’d be rude to give them fleas

Fleas ?  .....  Can’t SOMEBODY do something about this?  Love ya, Iggy

Gross me out, I had fleas when I came to Rikki’s .... 
I thought you promised never to let that happen to me again ? 
Won’t you help me, please? 

You think fleas is no big deal?  Try ‘em on for size!  I was covered when I got rescued off the streets and I hate fleas.  Isn’t flea drops a basic right?  Won’t you help me stay flea free?  Pleaz?  Love, Ice

Is that flea drops you got there? Love, Nibbles

I know you’ll take care of me, won’t you? 
Just $3 will keep the fleas off me! 
Love, Sir Rub A Dub

Did you bring flea dropz for me?  Love, Dino

Fleas?  Seriously? 
You’d just stand there and let me get fleas? 
Click my nose to keep ME from getting fleas! 
Please !   Love, Baby

Maybe an early Christmas present .... 
gee just what I always wanted flea drops ....  Love, Opie

ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh
( how the heck to you spell the sound of a doggy panting in excitement? 
Merow is so much easier to spell ) 
I know you’ll take care of me !!  Love, Duke

Mr Mister is screaming for your VOTE
The Shelter Challenge is back on again ....   It runs three times a year.  YOU can make us win $1,000 each time ....   Each win will give us flea drops for the cats and dogs for a little more than half a month ....   Please don’t make us wait for the next win to get more flea drops ....  we need them NOW ....  please help out.  $3 will protect one of us for a whole month ... ......   and THEN be sure to vote today and every day and let the Shelter Contest pay for our next round of flea drops !!!
So please take a second to VOTE for

Don’t ... please don’t ... let the fleas on me ...

Pleaz no let no body in my family have da fleaz ! 
Hep get drops for us all.  Love, Opie

HELP ME !!!  Daddy, I’m just a little kitty
trying to run a great big sanctuary and take care of everybody ..... 
I need help ... 
I can’t do this all by myself .... 
Please HELP ME !! 
Love, Opie

Please help Opie, my son, keep the fleas off everyone ....  Love, Vincent

If you’re really rich and can help us .... 
a $20 will protect SEVEN of us this month .... 
well almost ...
somebody’s tail might be left out !!!!

I’m in big trouble now ....  I was supposed to tell you BEFORE donation drop off yesterday ....  we are DESPERATE ...  TOTALLY DESPERATE for paper towels and bleach ....  these items are really really really important cuz we need all our stuff sanitized for our protection every single day ....  yeah .. that’s what da hoomans do all day long .. clean this and clean that .... and it takes a lot of paper towels ....  sometimes hoomans ask why not use a rag or sponge ...  well it’s cuz that’s not as sterile.  If da hooman is cleaning up da poop or da puke ...  we don’t want any germs to spread round.  Or like when they’re cleanin the hospital cage you don’t wanna mix up somebody’s snot with somebody’s diarrhea ... sorry to be gross ... but that is the way it is !!!  Us aminals can be makin a lot of icky mess !!!   So if you can send me some paper towels and bleach, put ‘em in the donation box outside the Life Center ....  or gib me some green stuff and tell me it’s for bleach and paper towels, I promise, I really do, that’s all I’ll spend it on ... I promise I won’t even sneak a can of Fancy Feast in da shoppin cart ....  well not two .. ok??

Help me fill up the goat cart like this PLEAZ !!!
This lasts less than a week.

It’s Pumpkins Time and we NEED your help
EVERYBODY -- cept me and Duke and our kind -- eats da pumpkins.  They are nutritious and they are good and when the aminals eat pumpkins it’s saving the Refuge money cuz we’re not havin to buy hay and grain ....  so it’s a really important part of the sanctuary’s yearly survival !!

So jump on the band wagon ... and if you have a wagon, trailer, truck or van --- that is great ....  even with a car you can haul in the truck and back seat ... and if you can’t haul .. you can load !!!  It’s all really important work. 

Right now Daddy Fred at needs to get pumpkins to Rikki’s about every weekend from St. Luke's Episcopal Church on Fort Hunt Road in Alexandria.  It’s about 20 pumpkins this week and they are in his car right now and he’s on the way here.  He needs help cuz he can’t make it down here every week.  we need this help every week and then on November 1st we need LOTS of help loading and hauling pumpkins from here and other Northern Virginia locations. 

So if you can help at St. Lukes or anywhere in Northern Virginia, tell Daddy Fred at or me at pleaz !!!

Auntie Nora at has pumpkin pickin scheduled at Miller’s Farm in Locust Grove - between Fredericksburg and Rikki’s -- very convenient, short drive -- Please come and help load and/or haul on Nov 1st.  Let Nora know if you can make it.

If you’ll be able to help in any other areas, Culpeper, Orange, Madison, Green, Albemarle, Charlottesville, Louisa, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Stafford, Caroline, Hanover, Richmond -- please let me know --- and let me know if you can pick up, haul or both !!

Along with Christmas Comes Gift Wrapping !!!
And did you know you can MAKE MONEY FOR RIKKI’S by wrapping gifts?
Just let me tell you how !!
You reserve time at a Barnes and Noble Bookstore ANYWHERE and in the few weeks before Christmas you can wrap their customer’s purchases and the customers make a donation!!  It’s super cool.  Actually it’s a comfortable temperature, I’m not askin you to freeze your tail off outside ....  just to SIT down inside in a climate controlled place, and do the delicate task of wrapping.  You don’t need to be a great wrapper --- we’ll show you how.  I’m all claws and I do a fine job !!! 

The Fredericksburg schedule is above and Auntie Nora is in charge, ask her which hours you can help with.

The Charlottesville schedule will be in the hands of Uncle Ron - if you’ll help in Charlottesville, just let him know.

The Falls Church location is Daddy Fred’s so sign up to help him out !!

I need a Head Hooman for Richmond ....  and where ever YOU live !!!  You can do this from any Barnes & Noble on the PLANET ...  so lend a hand to help us paws !!!

Petsmart has discontinued this fun event where you can bring your pets to sit with Santa for  picture ...  stop crying !!!   Re-Tail has come to your rescue ....  we’ll have Santa in our store along with a great photographer, and YOU can walk out with a print in your hands !!! 

Re-Tail is our thrift shop and if you haven’t stopped in lately -- you better check out all the fabulous Christmas stuff already on display !!!   3503 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg - that’s on the Spotsy side of Fredericksburg !!!

If you’d like to volunteer to help Santa our, just let Auntie Melissa know

Been Wanting to Visit Rikki’s Refuge ?
We have a few Tours and events scheduled. 

All events and tours and hikes and everything require tickets in advance and all have limited participation.  Most of our animals have been thru one trauma or another before finding peace at Rikki’s and large groups of hoomans often frighten them and bring bad unhappy memories and fears ....  so we have to keep groups to a size they are comfortable with.  When visiting, please remember to be calm and quiet and let them feel only love emanating from you.

November 15th is Nature Appreciation Day with a Tour at noon and Nature Hike at 2 pm .....  if you’re not scared of a close encounter with Big Foote .....   this is THE day for you !!!!    Email me for a reservation package ...  Hoomans participating in both events will have priority tickets. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas Day tours will start at noon.  Email me for a reservation package ...  The Christmas Day Tour fills early so get your tickets now ....  past Christmas visitors will have first dibs on tickets if we get more reservations than we can accommodate.

Our Traditional New Years Day Hike will start at noon.  Email me for a reservation package ... 

... with your support we’ve been able to save so many animals ... it’s only with your continued support that we can continue to care for them each and every day ....  Thank you for your kind and generous support for food, medicine, doctors, cleaning supplies ... and love !!

Without YOU

none of us would be alive

and enjoying this autumn !!

THANK YOU !!!!!!
Your donations saved every one of us and will keep us all alive as we stock our pantries for another winter at Rikki’s Refuge  !!!!   Take the Opie Pledge and promise to work each and every day to make the planet just a little bit better.  If the pictures of the animals you have saved in this issue have made you smile, please take a few moments to make a donation so we can keep them smiling!!! 

I want YOU to know that all the animals in our blog are Rikki’s critters that YOU saved !!  Without YOU I couldn’t be writin about them ....  and they probably wouldn’t even be alive !!!   YOU are our HEROES !!!

YES mom, I’m posing nice for the camera

Join us on
Rikki’s Web Site:
Help the Animals:
   our thrift store
   Location:  3503 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg VA 22408  
   Phone:     540-891-5300
   Hours:     10 am - 6 pm Monday - Saturday
              noon - 5 pm - Sunday

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