Saturday, March 01, 2014

Good Morning Good News !!!! March 1, 2014

Good morning! Happy Saturday! Happy 1st Day of March 2014! The good news is that Spring is just a few short weeks away (March 20, 2014). We know many of you are longing for a break in this crazy winter weather we've been having. Hang in there, warmer days are coming along with daffodils and crocuses and sweetly singing songbirds.

A reminder for next week! Daylight Saving Time will start in the United States at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 9, 2014. At that time clocks will “spring forward” one hour. All states, with exception of Hawaii and Arizona, will move their clocks forward. 

Join us in welcoming 6 year old Anna to Rikki's Refuge. Anna came to be with us on February 22, 2014. Isn't she pretty? 

 Rikki’s Refuge wishes to thank all the awesome kids from Tari's Cornerstone Studio for Dance in Haslett, Michigan. These wonderful kids worked hard to raise $350.00 for our refuge animals and we think they deserve a big paw up! Thank you so much from all of us here at Rikki’s Refuge!
You can learn more about Tari’s Cornerstone Studio for Dance here:


Please keep voting for us every day in the Shelter Challenge through March!
Opie would love your daily Shelter Challenge vote for Rikki's Refuge!


Our friend Will Appleby is celebrating his 14th birthday today by raising funds for Rikki's! How awesome is that? There is a Facebook event page located here: 

If you would like to make a donation in honor of Will's birthday without attending his Facebook event, please feel free to send your donation to Rikki's here: 

Don't forget that every Saturday is Donation Drop-Off Day at Rikki's Refuge! So many people have been helping us with kind and generous donations of food for the animals, and other items we need here at the refuge! THANK YOU!


  We know that sometimes it's hard to see how your help impacts us. Rikki's Refuge is run totally on donations. Your help really does make a difference. Here is what Greyson has to say about what you have done for him: 

 That is how you help us, by helping us save one animal at a time. It sure does make a difference to them!

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Vincent was my foster for 7 months before Kerry took him into Rikki's. He had almost not rear legs and no control of bodily functions, but was a lover not to be equaled. He became one of her special boys and her mascot....I had him for 7 months and NEVER thought anyone would want him. Kerry did and what a charmed life he led. At his death around age 16, he had an obituary in the Fredericksburg paper and an funeral........Please contribute anything large or small to Rikki's to help animals like my Vincent, even though dead, still on her site (black and white) and in all our hearts. Helen

Rikki's is the only place of which I am aware which will take PIGS and ducks and chickens, horses, cats, dogs, etc.......they will definitely be prominent in my WILL. Consider adding them to yours, if you have not.......even a token, but donations are what keep them going. I have 6 senior (old) ferals who should be going there in the spring......their feral "quarters" were just bulldozed for a subdivision. Fortunately, their caregivers trapped all 6 before the machinery started up, only by 6 days. I no longer rescue because of my older age and physical problems, but I took all 6 ferals, had a huge cage 8 X 10 built in my basement for them, and will transport them to Rikki's whenever I get the "word". They are excited and already have names: Ebony, Midnight (blacks), Flame (I/2 Siamese), Buff (buff), Mama (calico)and Tux (tuxedo) and son of Mama. I would love to send in photos but do not know how.......Please send money and food for all the wonderful animals living at Rikki's and maybe a box of candy or homemade soup for Kerry herself. I and all my cats and 2 dogs have collected vans of things for the thrift shop. We need to deliver soon.....YOU CAN DO THE SAME>